Will You Say Yes or No to Your Call to Lead

Nov 15, 2017

Today's SPARK asks: How are you called to Lead? And invites you to step beyond the nay-sayers in your head to unleash the work you're designed to do.

This question is dominating my mind lately because I'm about to get on a plane bound for Los Angeles to attend the "Called to Lead" Event. It's a 3-day immersion in spiritual entrepreneurship, where we deepen our relationship with our Calling. Because I am always guiding others to move beyond fears and limitations to say Yes to their greater Calling, it is essential that I keep growing in this area too.

I decided to fly across our country for this event when I heard that we will be moving from "on-again off-again romance ... into Full-Time Partnership with our Greater Calling & our Source of Guidance." Yes! I'm so ready for this next level of commitment.

I feel the sense of being on the brink--so close to that next level of liberation where my leadership can fully emerge. I have been growing in warp-speed the last months, shining the light into all kinds of shadowy inner places and giving loving attention to all the parts and pieces that were hiding out there.

I feel my relationship with God deepening and wanting to become ever-present in my work. I've always held back from even mentioning God here with you, out of respect for your own beliefs and out of fear of your judgments. But I'm ready to be fully visible with you, in all ways. That includes sharing my personal relationship with God that is essential to offering my gifts to you.

I know that this event is the catalyst I desire to step up and into how I am Called to Lead. And I am excited about what it will unleash in me...that will benefit you in the months to come.

While I'm gone...I invite you to do 2 things if you care to walk this path with me toward your Greater Calling & Liberated Leadership.

#1 Face the Nay-Sayers in Your Head.

First, make sure you have watched this video I sent out last week about how you STOP yourself from saying Yes to your Calling. (I've received many messages this week on how powerful this video is so I'm doing a second showing:)

Don't say Yes to your Greater Calling

After watching this video and identifying which nay-sayers are talking in your head...

~ Do these negative thoughts mean you should say NO to this yearning to follow your heart where it is calling you to go?

~ Do these fears mean you should say No to your dream of launching your own business?

~ Do these limiting beliefs mean that you should not even attempt to make your greatest contribution to this world?

#2 Unleash the Work You're Designed to Do.

Second, spend the next 5 days unleashing the work you're designed to do through my free Mini-Course. (You can sign up on the top of my Home Page). It's a hearty program, power-packed into 5 liberating experiences. I have plans to turn it into a paid coaching program shortly. If you want to participate while it's free, now's your chance. And then we can really feel interconnected this week, as we both move beyond fears to say Yes to our greater calling.

If you're aware of the nay-sayers and you want to say Yes to your greater calling anyway, you're my kind of human. And if you know that you're ready to create the business that sets you free to make your greatest contribution, I'd love to support you. Right now I'm enrolling Private Clients who want my highest level of support each step of the way. Imagine the next year of your life as a peak experience of inner & outer transformation as you move beyond all that holds you back to become the fully-expressed, liberated leader of your unique business. With my full support throughout the year, you will be completely guided as you discover and create the business that you are called to lead. If this matches your true desire, I offer you a complimentary one-one-one Visioning Session.

I will see you on the flip side of this grand LA adventure, ready to harvest all the goodness and share it with you.

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