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You are SAFE to Step into Your Greater Calling

May 09, 2019

Today, I am here to deepen you into knowing that "You are SAFE to step into your greater calling." (Press play to root into your true safety.)


You are SAFE to step into your greater calling. from Jessica Chilton on Vimeo.


Let's take a look at these statements about safety for a moment:
I am safe in this body.
I am safe in this world. 
I am safe in this life.

Who is the "I" in these statements?

I have come to know the "I" as the Consciousness that I am, the Love that I am, the Spirit that I am. When those statements above are read and then embodied from that truest perspective, we can cultivate a sense of SPIRITUAL SAFETY in any and every moment. 

I, Consciousness, am safe in this body.
I, Love, am safe in this world. 
I, Spirit, am safe in this life.

I believe that your truest self--Consciousness~Love~Spirit--is invulnerable and everlasting. Your truest self is intimately emanating from the most powerful source energy in the Universe--I like to call this source God. You call it what works best for you. Your truest self is more Powerful than anything in the human body experience. And your truest self will continue to exist--in one shape or another--infinitely after our human body dies. This is who you really are.  

When we forget who we really are and think that we are our bodies, this is when we feel vulnerable, separate, alone, and frightened, rather than safe.We are in body identification --which means we think we are a mortal fleshy form that indeed can be harmed and die. When we forget who we really are, we feel so scared to step out of our comfort zone which our greater calling requires us to do. When we forget who we really are, our nervous system is our compass instead of our higher power.

And so, when we forget who we really are, we stay "safe" in whatever way our ego and body feel is safe. We let fear stop us from stepping into our next level of leadership or from stepping into the spotlight. We end up saying No to the inspired vision that wants us to make it real in the world. We end up saying No to our heart's clear guidance to take a leap of faith. And ultimately, we end up feeling stagnant, small, stuck as we fall short of our innate potential and deeper purpose.

That is why I am here to remind you...
"You are SAFE to step into your greater calling..."
(Click play to hear this inspired message about your spiritual safety.)

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