You Can Love Your Inner Monsters

May 16, 2014

I have an inner Money Monster…do you?

You know, a gremlin type cling-on that oozes fear or shame or guilt into your relationship with money? A bully-type who tries to get in your way when you go after your dreams or dare to take a leap on your path of making money in this world.

You can find him if you look at the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be in your greatest vision. He lurks there in the in-between. He’s there right now if you want to meet him and he’s saying something to you to keep you stuck and small.

Let me introduce you to my Money Monster…

I discovered him right now because I am in a accelerated growth spurt. I am moving out of my comfort zone, becoming an ever brighter beacon for those I’m meant to serve, making a bigger impact in the world, and on my way to earning a great living in return.  

In doing this I came face to face with this swampy guy. He said, “You’re going to fail if you try to do this and that will be humiliating.” 

After getting to know him a bit, I realized that he is really just trying to protect me. He wants me to stay in my comfort zone–small and safe. 

That’s the thing about Money Monsters, or any inner-bully for that matter. They may appear all big and bad and mean. But really they are trying to do something to help you. They have your best interest at heart. They’re just going about it in a tormented kind of way. Poor fellas.
The secret is to give them love. All parts of us need our love and forgiveness and acceptance. But our Inner Monsters need a double dose. Give it to them. Now.
Cause when you love them, they have a way of transforming before your very eyes. 

In the case of my Inner Money Monster, I gave him lots of loving attention. I listened to him with compassion. I welcomed him to be in my heart exactly as he is. And, as a result, here’s what happened….

Knowing deep down he just wants to protect me, I offered him a promotion. I asked him to be the official Bodyguard of me and my dream. I asked him to accompany me wherever I go on this path of expansion. He is on board. We are a team. And together we’re going for it!!! 
Here’s how he’s looking now. Quite a before and after transformation, I’d say!

I love this guy:) And my wish for you is that you can love your Inner Monsters too. 

Afterall, it’s part of your liberation. And, when you have all of your inner team working together in an atmosphere of love, your fullest potential can shine through all you do.
That’s when things get really good.
So here I am. Ready to support and guide you in your courageous quest to love your Inner Monsters and be completely free to be your truest self. 

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