Your desire for freedom won’t come true... unless you embody freedom first

Jul 11, 2019

Many of the soulful entrepreneurs I coach desire a business that creates freedom in their life...time freedom, financial freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to create the life they love, and freedom to bring their inspired visions into reality.

Unfortunately, many of these same entrepreneurs are embodying the energy of obligation, 'shoulds', lack, need, scarcity, not enoughness, constriction, and fear while trying to create this business that sets them free.

Unfortunately, this misaligned approach simply won't work. You can't create a life & biz of freedom while embodying a conflicting energy of non-freedom.

I encourage you to take this moment right now to notice if you are fully embodying the freedom you desire. Are you trying to manifest outcomes that you think will bring you the freedom you crave without first embodying the energy of freedom?

To bring your freedom-centric desires into reality -- a certain income level, the support you want, the free time you crave--you need to embody the energy of freedom. With that energetic foundation, you are then ready to make freedom-aligned decisions and take freedom inspired actions. Your manifesting powers will only be in full effect when you are FEELING FREE as you take actions to bring your vision into reality. 

Let these questions guide you in embodying freedom today. Ask your inner guidance:
~ What could I do right now to embody the energy of freedom? 
~ How could I do this specific task, project or activity in a way that feels like Freedom?
~ How do I want to express myself with 100% Freedom right now?
~ How can I share my true self freely with others right now?

You will not be able to experience your freedom-centric desires and visions as reality without embodying freedom first. So get to it, my friend!  

Watch the video below to fully receive this important message if you're a soulful entrepreneur that wants your business to create freedom in your life.


If you'd like one quick way to shift your energy into the freedom vibe, turn on your favorite freedom inspiring music and start dancing. 

This was my Dance Break yesterday that shifted me from constriction back into freedom in 3 minutes. (Thanks to Trevor Hall for his beautiful help with that shift!:) 

Rather than simply watching me, I dare you to dance with me!

I’ll close out my call to freedom today, with a permission-giving, freedom-inspiring improv poem for you from me. It's called..."Are you going to stay hidden or are you going to be free?" 

 If you want to fully embody FREEDOM, while creating the business you were born to lead or bringing your inspired vision into reality, I offer you a complimentary Visioning Session to discuss how my coaching could support your next chapter of soul-satisfying work and life. I'd love to enjoy the freedom of truly being of service to you.




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