Your Fear of Going for It

Oct 04, 2018
Today's Spark touches your fear of going for it and asks you if there's a mountain of a dream that you are meant to climb.
Creating the business that you were born to lead can feel like setting out to climb a huge mountain. We see this vision of what our dream business could be and  we imagine it all coming true when we reach the peak. We feel our heart calling us to that higher elevation and we even see the trailhead inviting us on that upward path.
But often we stall out before even stepping on that trail. This 'Fear of Going for It' is the silent killer of many dreams. The fear of not making it to the top, of not trusting your own capacity to rise to those heights, of having to turn back and tell everyone you never saw the summit, stops us from even trying the climb. 
How sad it is when our life becomes flat and unadventurous. When our peak experiences are never even attempted. When our mountain of a dream is avoided for fear of failing to achieve it.

If you see a dreamy mountain and you feel the call to climb it, let yourself feel that desire. Feel your arms spread and heart wide open with a 360 view from the top. It is that desire and the permission to let it lead you that will get your feet moving on your most enlivening path. Once on the path, everything you experience is growing you in the direction of your dream--even, and especially, when the journey is different than you expected.

The Love Liberate Launch journey is all about daring to step onto the trail that winds its way up your mountain of a dream. There are 11 rising soulful entrepreneurs already on the path...  
~ an acupuncturist specializing in healing sexual trauma, 
~ a somatic therapist focused on resolving neck and shoulder pain, 
~ a musician who helps you rediscover your voice,
~ an expressive arts therapist who empowers school-age girls in India, 
~ a public relations expert serving eco-businesses related to the food cycle, 
~ a visual artist-educator bridging cultural divides with creativity, 
~ a yoga therapist guiding clients from chronic pain back to joy, 
~ a business development consultant with a spiritual approach, 
~ a leader of single-mama family adventures, 
~ an aromatherapist specializing in healing birth and postpartum challenges, 
~ a movement coach for women to embody their worthiness, 
~ and... what about YOU?! 

If you're meant to join us, we've decided to make this one last warm welcome for your Yes (cause we don't want you to stall out any longer).  If you're ready to  free your true self to stand atop your mountain and share your gifts with the world, we want you to be with us on this journey. 
Whether you've been sitting on a business dream, or you are a soulful business owner struggling to get your vision off the ground, or you are a rising entrepreneur who is ready to reinvent & will be warmly welcomed. This is your moment to let me know.  
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