Your Fear of the Spotlight...and a Permission Slip to Set You Free

Feb 07, 2018

Today's SPARK invites you to name your fear of the Spotlight and grants you a permission slip for liberation.

As I've been preparing for the Spotlight Liberation Event happening in downtown Asheville on Feb 12th (Thursday Feb 8th is the last day to register!), I have been hearing people share their fears about stepping into the spotlight.

See if any of these fears resonate with you:

Fear #1: I'm scared that parts of me I'm not ready to reveal will suddenly be exposed in the spotlight.

Fear #2: I'm scared that I'm not good enough to be the one in the spotlight.

Fear #3: I'm scared that I'm not prepared to show up perfectly in the spotlight.

Fear #4: I'm scared that I won't know what to say or do when I'm in the spotlight.

Fear #5: I'm scared that I won't measure up to others in the spotlight.

Fear #6: I'm scared that people won't like what they see when I'm in the spotlight.

Fear #7: Do you have a different fear? I'd love to hear. Send me a quick reply so I can raise my awareness of the variety of fears mingling in our community.

It's good to bring these fears into the light, because often they are stopping us from leading our mission, sharing our gifts, and making our greatest contribution. When these fears show up on the entrepreneurial path, we turn away from opportunities to step into the spotlight or be more visible in a variety of ways. We might shy away from speaking opportunities, we might not make the videos that could bring our message and gifts to a wider audience, we might not show up at networking events where we could connect with clients and collaborators, and we might not talk clearly and effectively in our everyday conversations about what we do.

And on the personal level, these fears wreak havoc on our mind, body, and heart. We continue to carry these fears in our mind's anxious thinking, our body's nervous stomach and sweaty palms, and in our heart's un-satiated yearnings and repressed desire to step in the direction we're called to go. As a result we never fully feel comfortable in our own skin or free to be who we really are.

I created Spotlight Liberation to support you to move beyond these fears so you can feel good in mind, body, and heart as you make your unique contribution in our world. Whether or not you choose to participate in the Spotlight Liberation event, I want to grant you a Permission Slip to take with you into any spotlight on your entrepreneurial path. 

May this "Permission Slip" or "Spotlight Liberation Manifesto" inspire your freedom the next time you step into the spotlight.

In this Spotlight...
I do not need to come prepared to put on a show.
There is no pre-packaging required.
I am simply asked to show up as I am
With a permission slip to be fully myself.
I do not need to be perfect in anyway.
I am good enough already.
I do not have to perform on this stage.
I can leave my act at home.
My full presence is the only show.

In this Spotlight...
I am not forced to do anything.
I am free to choose what I say and do.
I will not be pushed out of hiding
I'll come out in the way that feels good.
I do not have to expose anything.
I will only reveal what is ready to be revealed.
I do not need to share my innermost thoughts to be authentic.
Sometimes sharing my boundaries is the most honest thing to do.

In this Spotlight...
I do not need to be like anyone else.
Each person's expression looks and feels unique.
The only thing Visibility requires
Is letting others see my way of being me.

In this Spotlight...
I do not need to be liked or loved.
I do not need approval or validation.
I grant my audience permission
To judge as they please.
I am simply here to be me.

In this Spotlight...
I can stretch as far as I wish
And return to my comfort zone whenever I want.
I Trust myself to go safely where I want to be.

In this Spotlight...
The stage is lovingly set
As the platform for my freedom.
The rest is up to me.

Spotlight Liberation is for established and aspiring entrepreneurs on a mission who are ready to be seen & heard. In this live, interactive, experiential workshop, we encourage you to come out of hiding, welcome your vulnerability, and use the stage environment to amplify your visibility and liberation. Whether you choose to be on the stage or in the audience, your own transformation will be the focus in this experience.

If you're ready to move beyond your Visibility Fears, so they no longer hold you back from leading your mission, I created this event for you. We welcome your sweaty palms and your courage to stretch. Beyond public speaking, this event is about your foundational ability to let yourself be seen and heard. The stage becomes a liberating place when, instead of putting on a show, you are invited to authentically show up. I am so excited to fully show up in my vulnerability and power right alongside you.

Check out
to see what this LIVE EVENT offers you.
February 8th is the last day to register.

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