Your Higher Powered Business

Mar 21, 2018

Today's SPARK invites you to imagine creating your Higher Powered Business.

What might it mean to create a Higher Powered Business? Imagine your business fueled by Love, the Divine, God, Life Force, Spirit, Heart, Source, or any other name descriptive of the highest guidance you can receive.

Tune into this guidance right now and receive a vision for your Higher Powered Business. Imagine that ...

~ your ego is no longer in charge; rather your Higher Power is leading the way.

~ there is no more proving, no more striving, no more pushing, no more controlling; rather you know you are already good enough, fully whole, deeply loved, fully trusting, and never alone.

~ your top priority is staying aligned with your Higher Power and saying Yes to the visions you are gifted to bring into reality.

~ your job is to show up to your work, connect with your Higher Power, and take aligned action based on the guidance you receive.

~ you feel clear and decisive because you are listening for Truth.

~ your business is soul-satisfying, nourishing, and inspired because it is aligned.

~ you are doing the purposeful work you were born to do and making a positive difference for those you are uniquely designed to serve.

~ you feel fully supported by money and opportunities that seem to be divinely orchestrated on your behalf.

~ you embody love as you offer your gifts to those who are ready to make the most of them.

Take 5 minutes right now to tune into your Higher Powered Business Vision. Make a sketch or write whatever comes in your journal.

Higher Powered Business Opportunities for You:

Before I go into Robin's amazing story about growing her unique business in an inner-guided, higher powered way, I want to make sure you know about two opportunities.

1. This Thursday, March 22nd, from 11:30am-12pm I'm going to lead my first FB Live Event: "3 Essential Shifts You Can Make Today to Create Your Higher Powered Business." All you have to do is land on my Jessica Chilton-SPARK Business Facebook Page, at 11:30am ready to be fully focused and tuned in.

2. If you are interested in Love Liberate Launch Soulful Entrepreneurship Program, Early Bird Registration is happening until March 27th. Anyone who enrolls before then will receive a free ticket to our Love Liberate Launch "Higher Powered Business Retreat" happening in Hot Springs, NC from May 8th-9th. Sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session to see how this program could support you in launching the business you were born to lead--the one that will set you free!

Now let's shine the Spotlight on Robin Funsten's Higher Powered Business.

As I mentioned last week, my most satisfying peak experience as of late, was the recent graduation of a special group of Love Liberate Launch participants. These women have experienced tremendous business creation and inner transformation over the past 12 months in the program. And it feels like such an honor to have witnessed it all.

Today, I invited Robin to share her story. She created positive impact and phenomenal financial results in such an incredibly aligned, inner guided, higher powered, mission-driven way. May her story inspire your own journey.

"When I considered joining Love Liberate Launch a year ago I was concerned about investing money in myself and my business. I wasn't sure about what my business was supposed to BE, let alone if it was viable in the world. I was struggling with self-doubt and confidence--unsure if what I had to offer was really possible or valuable.

One year later, as I graduate from Love Liberate Launch, I am in extreme gratitude and awe of the transformation. My business has taken off in huge ways. I've worked through confidence and self-worth issues that kept my pricing low and my purpose unclear. Now clients hire me for Leadership and Organizational Development Coaching and pay me thousands and thousands of dollars-- and now I know I'm worth it. I get to teach them leadership skills, explore group dynamics and coach them towards meeting their professional development goals-- all while incorporating my years of mediation and conflict resolution experience. I am doing the work I love to do for people, making the money that supports me, changing the world for the better, and following my inner guidance every step of the way.

The results I've achieved in my business around attracting ideal clients and making great money are directly related to shifting my thoughts, energy and emotions about my perceived limits. Jessica's coaching created opportunities for these powerful shifts in ways that were loving and strong, challenging and supportive. Jessica is willing to push your negative thinking patterns right off a cliff, while remaining your true-self's safety net. ;)

I am now loving myself and sharing my most potent gifts with clients that value what I offer. I am clear on my purpose and mission which inspires me to allocate 40% of my net income from corporate clients toward supporting youth advocacy in impactful ways.

I am most grateful for how Jessica has supported me to guide my business from a place of connection to God and deep trust in my Inner Guidance. I am now in direct alignment with the most abundant, meaningful and passionate trajectory of my life. I experience constant miracles with my business (like when I shift my energy, I get a new client). I used to be surprised by these miracles. Now I'm simply thankful and so excited!

I am so happy that I was brave enough to invest in myself and my business when I took that powerful step into Love Liberate Launch. What a catalyst it has been for this year of personal transformation, spiritual growth, and satisfying business success."

~ Robin Funsten of Community Conflict Solutions

If Robin's story awakens your courageous entrepreneurial dreams, let's talk through how Love Liberate Launch could serve you. I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session to discuss where you are now, where you want to be a year from now, and how this program could support you from here to there.

Could this 12-month soulful business coaching program--blending business building with spiritual growth, personal transformation, and creative expression--be exactly the right kind of unique support for you? Let's find out!

P.S. Remember to schedule your Visioning Session before March 27 if you want to receive a free ticket to our Love Liberate Launch Spring Retreat in Hot Springs NC happening this May.

P.P.S. And if you want to get a feel for how you could create a Higher Powered Business, I hope to connect with you on during our Facebook Live event on Thursday March 22nd at 11:30am on my Jessica Chilton - SPARK Business Page.

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