Your Purposeful Work Needs Your Commitment

Oct 26, 2016

I am here today to up your COMMITMENT game. I've seen many clients get cold feet when asked to commit to a dream. I'm telling you, a dream will stay a dream until you're ALL IN with both feet.

So let's see where you are with committing to your inspired visions around your purposeful work. Commitment is the super-fuel you need to propel your visions into reality.

The past five weeks, I've been leading a group of rising entrepreneurs through a coaching experience designed to propel them into their most purposeful work. Each week I have been overflowing some of our goodness to you, sharing tips on: 

1. Clarifying the purposeful work you're truly meant to do.
2. Summoning  Courage to move beyond Fear in order to step into that work.
3. Connecting with the Ideal People you're meant to serve.
4. Confidently expressing what you have to offer.

And this week, for our final theme, we focused on the powerful act of COMMITTING to your purposeful work. I believe any endeavor could be looked at as B.C. or A.C. Before Committing or After Committing.

When it comes to our purposeful work--which often comes to us in the form of inspired visions, creative projects, big dreams, heart callings, or soul-satisfying business ideas, most of us have experienced the 'Before Committing' phase. We keep one foot in and one foot out. We downplay its importance. We give it on-again off-again attention. We stay detached--maybe even saying things like 'if it's meant to be, it'll happen'. 

But the truth is, in this way of relating we are not stepping up to the plate and saying a full on Yes to our purposeful work. We are not committing to the essential part we play in this particular vision coming true. We are not taking responsibility for being the Leader of this inspired project. 

It's our way of playing it safe. If we never give it our 100%, we'll always have an excuse if it happens to fail.  Unfortunately this non-committal approach to playing it safe leads us to fall short of the dream. The purposeful work that you are meant to do, never gets to be expressed in its full glory. Somewhere along the way, the 'one foot out' drags the whole vision down. And the whole dream loses steam.

Has this ever happened to you? You get inspired, you hear your heart calling you...but then you never make that significant decision to Be ALL IN with following that inspiration into manifestation. And so days, weeks, or months later, that spark has faded back into the dark.

Because this moment of COMMITMENT is such a turning point in the life cycle of a dream, I love guiding people from BC to AC. And then even more, I love to see the courageous consistent action-taking that happens each day after that individual commits to making the dream real. This is when the purposeful work comes into full bloom and the world reaps the benefits.

For today, I simply want to issue you a commitment pulse check. 

On a scale of 1%-100% committed, where are you with being ALL-IN on this path of bringing your soul-satisfying purposeful work into the world? 

If you're not at 100%, notice what is holding you back from full commitment. This resistance is ripe with growth opportunities for you to harvest.

And if this moment is your turning point of ALL IN commitment, what action can you take today to show your Purposeful Work that your soul is ready to rise up and take the reigns?

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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