Your Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship

Jun 12, 2019

I’m here today with the first video clip released from The Shift from Fear to Love, an invitation to my upcoming keynote presentation, and a reminder that now is the time to Love Liberate Launch--all to support you to courageously move your life, business, work, and leadership in the direction you're called to go.

As I prepare the Keynote Presentation for Western Women's Business Center, I want to extend an official invitation--especially to those of you who are budding or seasoned entrepreneurial women in Western North Carolina.

Love, Liberate, & Lead Your Unique Business Community
In this engaging keynote presentation, Jessica Chilton shifts you from fear to love so you can show up fully to lead the community you’re uniquely designed to serve. Through personal story-telling and guided liberating experiences, Jessica’s permission-giving presence will activate a new level of freedom to be who you really are in your business. By fully allowing your true self to be seen and heard, you will be able to build your unique business community by attracting those you’re designed to serve (and repelling those better served by someone else). An expert in helping women move beyond fear to say Yes to their greater calling, Jessica will ask you to love yourself enough to rise up for your community. It’s time to be the leader our world needs.

I am definitely most satisfied when asking: 
Love~God, what do you want to do through me?
And then taking the action aligned with the guidance I receive.

When I ask and listen and act in the direction I'm guided to go, life becomes deeply purposeful, growth-inducing, and synchronistically supportive... and I become deeply trusting, openly curious, and courageously willing to move beyond every fear into the wonder-evoking unknown where my heart is leading me.

As you might know, my most recent adventure sparked by asking this question landed me on stage leading The Shift from Fear to Love. (Thank you to Daniel Barber for drumming up our energy and for creating the transformative soundscape throughout.)

After watching, I'd love for you to let me know... What is Love calling you to be, say, or do?

If your greater calling involves creating the business you were born to lead, know that I am currently welcoming new soulful entrepreneurs into my Love Liberate Launch program, a year-long transformational, creative, spiritual business journey. This program is for those determined to create a business aligned with their purpose & led by their heart.

Love Liberate Launch participants build the business that sets them free, create their highest value offerings, attract the people they're designed to serve, and make money doing what they love.

I invite you to sign up for a Visioning Session with me today (there are a few spots remaining!) if you'd like to discover if this soulful business coaching program is exactly the right mix of personal transformation, spiritual awakening, leadership development, creative expression, and business building...for YOU!

When I’m conscious of being a spirit in a human body running a business, entrepreneurship becomes the most satisfying spiritual journey. Do you resonate with approaching entrepreneurship as a spiritual journey-- infusing personal transformation, creative expression and spiritual awakening into each step of the business creation process? 

Would you like Jessica's private one-on-one support to shape your next chapter of soul-satisfying work?
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