Come together, rising leaders, to shift our world from fear to love.

Join us for a transformative community experience of Love, Liberation, and Leadership on March 31, 2019 from 2-6pm at Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville, NC.

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On March 31, 2019, hundreds of rising leaders will come together in Asheville to shift ourselves and our world from fear to love. Come experience the power of love and liberation to unleash your next level of leadership and contribution. Deepen into your purpose, know what you stand for, and feel the courage to lead in the way that only you can. This is your place and your day to move beyond fear and say Yes to your greater calling.

This event will be a catalyst for experiencing personal transformation that ripples into impactful action in our community. We will begin our 4-hour experience creating a heightened state of love and liberation--weaving in the power of music, dance, singing, spoken word, meditation, guided visualization, and communal intention. You will then be invited into transformational experiences--a collage of journaling, partner work, open forum sharing, spotlight coaching, and improvisational creativity. Everything will be by choice and you will be loved exactly as you are.

Whether you are a leader within your family, your business, your classroom, your non-profit, your church, your city government, or any other realm, you are welcome here. Whether you are already boldly leading the shift from fear to love or newly drawn to this mission, we invite you to join us. Mothers, fathers, volunteers, funders, community activists, artists, dancers, poets, musicians, practitioners, spiritual leaders, healers, coaches, revolutionaries, politicians, wisdom keepers, teachers--we invite all sectors of Asheville to come together to liberate our leadership as we shift from fear to love. Together, we can become a force for good in the world.

We each have a part to play. This event will clarify what is yours to do and activate your courage to do it. I'm so excited to come together with you to shift our world from fear to love, one liberated leader at a time.

With Love,

Jessica Chilton,
Co-Leader (with You) of The Shift from Fear to Love

Let's clarify The Shift from Fear to Love for you.

What is The Shift from Fear to Love? 

It is a growing initiative, sparked in Asheville, NC, comprised of transformative live events and online programs offered by Jessica Chilton and Shift Contributors (perhaps YOU!), to support our shift from fear to love on the personal & collective level.

It is a growing community of rising leaders that share:

1. A common mission to shift our world from fear to love.

2. An awareness that our world's problems are rooted in fear, sustainable solutions are aligned with love, and we each have the leadership capacity to shift from fear to love with every thought, choice, action, and contribution.

3. A dedication to personal and collective liberation to unleash our greatest leadership contributions, each shifting our world from fear to love in our own unique way. 

Who is welcome to join The Shift?

We welcome all rising leaders who are committed to ever-growing into their next level of leadership--moving beyond fear again and again, fueled by love and liberation.

Whether you are simply drawn to this mission or are already leading it in impactful ways, your unique contribution in a specific sphere of our community is needed. You might be focused on mental health, public education, racial equity, community service, business coaching, women's empowerment, money mindset, love-based politics, domestic violence, homelessness, positive parenting or any other realm where at the root you are helping to make a shift from fear to love. 

As 'Shifters' we are:

  • Compassionate about different experiences of fear.
  • Committed to our personal growth around shifting from fear to love.
  • Connected to a Source of unconditional Love.
  • Welcoming of all people--seeing all humans as worthy of love.
Why is The Shift from Fear to Love centered in Asheville?

Asheville is a natural leader in the Global Shift that our world needs. We have all the raw components for expansive impact, but we need to coalesce our leadership efforts.

This initiative seeks to activate leadership in all sectors of Asheville to create a living example of a city that utilizes our human potential, addresses fear-based problems and creates love-based solutions.

We come together in Asheville to amplify our own growth and leadership impact toward a global shift from fear to love. Because that’s what the world needs most.

What are the concrete components of The Shift from Fear to Love?

The initiative currently includes live events that liberate leaders into their next level of contribution. It also includes an online community gathering place where members can access support and connect with each other to further the shift from fear to love following the event. Additionally, as we build energy for the initiative, members will be featured via video and interviews—highlighting their unique message and work related to the shift from fear to love.

How will the live event in a theatre environment unfold?

The purpose of the Live Event is to liberate your next level of leadership contribution, as we come together to shift ourselves and our world from fear to love.

The Vision for the Live Event includes many collaborative elements that will be woven together into a transformative, artful, improvisational, engaging experience on-stage. Whether you are on-stage or in the audience, you will experience personal transformation and community-building. Your full presence will naturally contribute to The Shift from Fear to Love.

Will you join us at the 2019 Shift from Fear to Love Live Event?

Who is the catalyst behind this initiative?

The true catalyst is Love. However, this specific vision for The Shift from Fear to Love was received by Jessica Chilton, Expressive Arts Therapist and Business Coach--probably because it was clear she would say Yes and see it through!

For those needing to trust the co-leader before joining in: Jessica has helped thousands of people around the world discover who they are and what they’re meant to do. Through her signature program, Love Liberate Launch, Jessica blends business building with spiritual growth, personal transformation, and creative expression to help entrepreneurs create the business they were born to lead. 

After facing death and illness at an early age, Jessica’s passion for making the most of this precious life radiates through her inspiring presence.

Jessica holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University, an MA in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy, and Post-Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Most importantly, she is deeply clear that it is her mission to shift our world from fear to love, one liberated leader at a time.


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We're so excited you want to join us at our March 31st Live Event at Diana Wortham in downtown Asheville from 2-6pm.

Tickets are $39 for this 4-hour transformative community building event.

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