I made my Dream real.

"Jessica helped me to move through my blocks to step fully into my dream of being a horse trainer".

~ Amy Gaddis, Harmony Horsemanship

When I was working as a speech therapist I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I dreamed of spending my days working alongside horses, but I had all kinds of fear stopping me from officially putting my shingle out as a horse trainer. I was stuck in a pattern of questioning myself and my abilities.

Jessica helped me to move through my own resistance & limiting beliefs, so that I could actually make my dream real. I gained the confidence to feel like I am worthy of putting myself out there as a horse trainer. It felt so good to actually name my business and start making videos alongside my horse, Charlie. I feel inspired, excited and passionate about working with horses daily, knowing that I have something wonderful to offer others.

Now my business reflects who I really am.

"Because of Love Liberate Launch, I integrated my true self into the DNA of my company."

~ Annie Price, Entrepreneurial Trainer, Bird's Eye Business Planning & Adventures

Coming to honor and love myself more was the essential work necessary to really begin the processes of liberating and launching. Through Jessica's guidance, I can honestly say I have come to know and genuinely honor my truest self. I can't imagine saying that a year ago or having any idea what a statement like that means.  But it is something transformative, and for me it has been life-altering.

Because of Love Liberate Launch, I integrated more of my true self into the DNA of my company—including the services we offer, the amount of time I spend on my work, the clients I accept, the images and language I use in marketing, and the unique approach I took toward strategic planning to determine the future vision of my business. And with the support of this program, I launched and led my first full weekend retreat that was deeply meaningful for both myself and the participants.

My leadership has evolved to a new level of ease, authenticity, and confidence. And I enjoy a deeper sense of connection with myself, my family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the natural world. "Be you and be free.” As a result of Love Liberate Launch, I know what that modus operandi means and can tap into my truest self with ease.

I am no longer paralyzed by fear.

"Jessica helped me to shift from being stuck in fear to trusting myself to lead my business."

~ Lori Wilkins, Herbalist & Consultant, Sky Wolf Wellness

With Jessica’s support I no longer feel paralyzed by fear, which held me back in big ways as I attempted to build my business. I have moved through fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of not being good enough.I have shifted from fearing to trusting

Jessica helped me to stop hiding and start sharing my true self by writing my personal story, expressing myself in blog posts, and sharing my gifts via video.

Jessica helped me accept every part of myself, deepen my knowing of my truest self, and understand what my unique gifts are that I wish to offer the world. I feel more comfortable in my skin, I've tapped into my power, and I can trust myself to lead the way with love and clarity.

My unique contributions are making a difference.

"It has been a big breakthrough to move beyond my fear of being seen and be able to make my true self more visible through my business."

~ Gretchen Howard, Public Relations Consultant 

With Jessica’s support I have grown my business by listening to what my heart is calling me to do, connecting with who I truly am, valuing my natural gifts and attracting my ideal clients. I am now a less stressed, happier version of me.

It has been a big breakthrough to move beyond my fear of being seen and be able to make my true self more visible through my business. I am now making authentic videos about my business, showing up "in person" rather than hiding in my home office, sharing my most satisfying successes rather than keeping them quiet, and saying yes to public speaking opportunities.

Now I am naturally attracting clients I love. My favorite CSA Farming Client is so fun to work with because I get to mix my passion for gardening with my expertise in Public Relations. I have tapped into how I can best bring my true self forward to meet my client’s needs. This lets me offer them unique value that no one else can duplicate. It is so satisfying to see their successes and know that my contributions are making a difference.

Jessica's leadership, creativity, compassion, commitment and spiritual wisdom are like no other.

My business is taking off in huge ways.

"Now my business is taking off in huge ways, I have fulfilled my dream of giving a TED Talk, and my rooted confidence and inner guidance has revolutionized my way of life."

~ Robin Funsten, Conflict Resolution Consultant, Community Conflict Solutions

As soon as I truly believed that my gifts were valuable to the world they started giving back to me! Now my business is taking off in huge ways, I have fulfilled my goal of giving a TEDx Talk, and I am attracting new clients who are in line with my values.

As my business grows, I am so grateful for the self-compassion and trust I have developed with Jessica’s support. In the past I felt ashamed when appearing imperfect, harbored feelings of being inadequate in my field, and had fears of not being good enough to support others. Now, patience with myself has grown exponentially and my genuine confidence is strong and healthy. Being in connection with my own inner guidance has been an incredible transformation for my personal life and my business.

I created my next chapter of purpose, contribution, and joy.

"After retiring from my teaching career, Love Liberate Launch helped me create my next chapter of purpose, contribution, and Joy!"

~ Sally DiMuzio, Healthy Steps Instructor, Joyful Moves for Life

Through the Love Liberate Launch journey I went from looking for a sense of purpose and a way to contribute after retirement, to launching my own Joyful Moves for Health business & offering my gifts to the cancer survivor community.

This program helped me know, accept, love and trust myself. Along the way, Jessica shared many useful tools for working through challenges in my life and work. Her intuitive guidance and leadership enabled me to recognize, appreciate, develop, value, and share my gifts. This program gave me the loving "kick in the butt" I needed to step bravely into new and challenging situations as I expanded my offerings.

Jessica has a unique way of being both a knowledgeable leader and a peer learning alongside you. She guides with compassion, understanding, and love; and she coaches with a wealth of expertise. I love Jessica’s wisdom and passion for life. I am now living what she has taught me.  Her guidance has led me to love and live a joy filled, grateful life. I am thankful from the depths of my soul!

I found my true voice.

"Jessica is the real deal! She is a superb expressive arts therapist and coach. She presents with an unusual authenticity that allows for magic to take place. If you are looking for change in relationships, business matters or quality of life, she is the person who can support you."

~ Sharon Oxendine, Western Women's Business Director & Former Mountain BizWorks Regional Director

I approached Jessica Chilton and SPARK with some hesitation. I felt a little vulnerable and awkward at processing my emotions through art with someone there. What I discovered was that Jessica was so unconditional, non judgmental and always very present. Jessica’s encouragement, support and belief in my true authentic process were instrumental in my being able to find my voice and my truth. I thoroughly enjoyed each session and I was always thrilled to be able take something away from the session in the form of my own art that would be a touchstone until the next session.

I rediscovered who I am and how I want to share my gifts.

"After years focused on mothering, Love Liberate Launch helped me zero in on what my gifts are and how I want to share them with my community."

~ Mary Kinsey, Art Therapist & Yoga Instructor

The Love Liberate Launch journey helps people move past the universal fear and inner critic that can paralyze us when we’re trying to offer our gifts in the world. The program helped me accept ALL parts of myself, feel like I’m good enough as I am, and allow my true self to be seen. I am now leading my own life from the inside out, rooted in my inner-worth rather than striving for external validation.

After years focused on mothering, I had lost touch with who I am and what my purpose is beyond caring for my children. Love Liberate Launch helped me zero in on what my gifts are and how I want to share them with my community. I connected with what makes me and my offerings unique and how to authentically express myself and what I can do for others. I gained confidence to put myself out there, offering art therapy and yoga classes.

Jessica is so gifted in her ability to shine light where it is needed. She doesn't give you the answer but gently guides you to hear your own heart's calling and truth.

I followed my heart to create my most soul-satisfying chapter yet.

"After my divorce, I was so ready to re-create my life. I have now launched my true self and my next soul-satisfying chapter."

~ Lorrie Meyercord, Artist

The journey through Love Liberate Launch has helped me realize what real self-love is. Loving myself more and more enabled me to see new parts of myself that wanted to shine. Each inner transformation rippled into the creation of my next paintings and projects. 

I took responsibility for my own happiness and began to hear what my soul had been trying to tell me all along. I practiced bravely following my heart, even when it led me to move to Hawaii!

I have now launched my true self and my next soul-satisfying chapter. I feel an excitement for what is ahead and a deep gratefulness for what is here now.  

I am eternally grateful for Jessica-- standing by my side cheering me on, holding safe space, pushing me when I needed it, letting me rest when I needed it, hearing my soul when I couldn't.

I discovered my true Joy that shines through my business.

"Before my SPARK Program, there was a big gap between who I wanted to be in the world and how I was choosing to live."

~ Joy Resor, Joy on Your Shoulders TM

With Jessica’s amazing guidance, I moved through my internal blocks to a more integrated peace within myself and stepped fully into who I really am, finding my footsteps on my right path. I now love my whole self and am living into my (destined) work to inspire joy through my business, Joy on Your Shoulders TM!  I am grateful for the confidence, self-love, purpose and passion that shine through me and my business daily.

Now it is Fun to build a business that contributes to my community!

"Now I am able to build a successful business, contribute to my community, deepen my personal experiences and have fun!"

~ Joan Van Orman, Marketing Consultant

As soon as I heard Jessica speak about living your best life, I knew I wanted to work with her. I was over-committed, unfocused, and scrambling to juggle everything, including an unexpected illness. Since working with Jessica, I’ve been practicing so many new wellness and life tools. I now know how to use my inner resources to bring calm, creativity and vibrancy to my life.  I realize that it is necessary to have boundaries and say “no” to things that deplete me in order to build a creative and meaningful life.  Now I am able to build a successful business, contribute to my community, deepen my personal experiences and have fun! 

Working with Jessica has definitely been a worthwhile investment of my time, energy and money.

I can confidently create a career doing what I love.

"I am now in tune with what makes me truly happy and have the confidence that I can create a career doing what I love."

~ Shalene Wyrick, Teacher & Singer

I started my SPARK Program knowing that I had so much expression, joy, ability and potential bottled up within me; but I didn’t know how to let it out. I longed to be more in touch with my authentic self. Through this SPARK program I developed tools to overcome my own personal limitations. The inner-work I did with Jessica helped me to have sure footing in my life, knowing who I am and what I desire.

My work at SPARK will shape the rest of my life. I am now in tune with what makes me truly happy and have the confidence that I can create a career doing what I love.

I unblocked my creativity and discovered my passion & purpose.

"I am now making clear bold decisions about my future that feel aligned with my purpose and potential."

~ Allyson B.

Before working with Jessica I was stuck in toxic emotions – worry, anxiety, fear, guilt. I was focused on the mundane drudgery of life. I felt heavy and constricted. My creativity was definitely blocked. And I played the part of the victim to the challenges in my life—especially my stressful job.

In this SPARK program I have made a big shift out of the victim role. I now see myself as the driver of my own vehicle in life. I have the power to steer where I want and need to go, no matter what crosses my path. Being the ‘driver’ at work has majorly decreased my stress and increased my productivity.

One of the biggest things Jessica helped me see is that I am not weird—meaning, I no longer see myself as weird in a negative self-judgmental way. Rather I realize that I am truly unique—in a good way, with strengths and gifts that are mine to express. I learned to really like myself and now I am able to share myself with others. Instead of listening to my Inner Critics harsh voice all day, I am now tuned into the wise voice of my Inner Guide. Instead of hiding parts of myself because of what others might think, I now give myself permission to do what I love no matter what others think.

Also, I had no idea what would happen when I unblocked my creativity. I am now a Writer, after many years of letting this passion lie dormant! It feels so good—bringing a sense of magic, wonder, and joy into my life. Being able to write again opens so many doors that before were closed. And, I have regained faith that I can always use my creativity to discover solutions to the problems that come my way. With my creativity flowing again, I have a newfound sense of confidence. When I write, I feel like I am letting my true self shine! Writing has become my metaphor for approaching life. Just like I write one word at a time to create an amazing story, I take one step at a time to create a life that I love.

By the end of the program, my clarity had emerged. I am now making clear bold decisions about my future that feel aligned with my purpose and potential. I’m feeling ready and willing to keep stretching out of my comfort zone in order to make them a reality. And, in the present, I feel light, boundless, and free!! So liberating.

I moved from uncertainty to clarity.

"I gained clarity on what I truly long to manifest in the future...regardless of what society tells me my life 'should' look like."

~ Hannah Levin, www.hannahlevinmusic.net

Before working with Jessica I was overwhelmed by everything I was trying to do, not sure what I could give up in order to regain balance, and not confident enough to put myself out there as a Singer-Songwriter in a way that felt truly joyful.

I felt lots of pressure from other people’s ideas of what I “should” do with my life and career. And inside my own head, I was giving-in frequently to my inner critic and perfectionist, internally beating myself up.

Through my work with Jessica, I was able to access my creativity as a source of my own healing. I was supported in transforming my self-limiting beliefs. I connected with my wise inner guide who helps me to not fall victim to destructive thoughts.

From our first session forward, I felt clarity about aspects of my life that I felt uncertain about before. Specifically, I gained clarity on how I want to use my energy within all the creative outlets in my life and what I truly long to manifest in the future. I now have deep trust in my path and conviction to live my light regardless of what society tells me my life “should” look like.

I have gained a new sense of self-awareness, self-love, self-acceptance, and inner peace. I feel stronger in my body, mind, and spirit and am excited to continue to shift my old patterns. Although I will surely face further challenging times in my life, I know I have inner resources to lean on whenever I need them.

I have many more tools in my tool belt to allow me to embrace my life as a true work of art ~ creatively, compassionately, and with Spark!

I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to deepen their connection to their authentic self. Jessica is such an amazing, insightful, compassionate, and playful guide. 

There is no investment more fulfilling and worthy than investing in yourself. Ultimately, when you make positive changes, it benefits not just you, but everyone around you! 

I am living into who I really am.

"Jessica is a richly gifted, deeply dedicated natural leader. She leads Love Liberate Launch with an inspiring blend of skill, heart, wisdom, confidence, courage, vulnerability and compassion."

~ Daniel Barber Musician & Coach, I Am Sound

Throughout Love Liberate Launch, I was continually amazed and inspired by Jessica's presence, attentiveness, compassion, depth of support, expansive vision, relentless creativity, delightfulness and integrity. The container she created through her program materials and group coaching sessions was solid and supportive. She facilitated my own growth through her loving reflections and full permission for me to live more into who I am. Jessica gives her heart, mind and soul to create inspiring and supportive experiences for people.

Now it's your turn!

Unleash the work you are designed to do.

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