Spotlight Liberation. Asheville, NC. Encore coming soon!

For entrepreneurs on a mission who are ready to be seen & heard.

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Expressive Arts Therapist, Transformational Business Coach, and Improvisational Actor, Jessica Chilton invites you beyond fear and into visibility to make your contribution.

It's time to reveal yourself.

Is your purposeful work needing you to step into greater visibility as a Leader?

In this live, interactive, experiential workshop, we encourage established and aspiring entrepreneurs to come out of hiding, welcome your vulnerability, and use the stage environment to amplify your visibility and liberation. Whether you choose to be on the stage or in the audience, your own transformation will be the focus in this experience.
Are fears of being completely yourself in the Spotlight holding you back from making the difference you were born to make?
If you’re ready to move beyond your Visibility Fears, so they no longer hold you back from leading your mission, I created this event for you. We welcome your sweaty palms and your courage to stretch. Beyond public speaking, this event is about your foundational ability to let yourself be seen and heard. The stage becomes a liberating place when, instead of putting on a show, you are invited to authentically show up. I am so excited to fully show up in my vulnerability and power right alongside you.

"Spotlight Liberation" Frees You to Be Visible.

What could I experience through Spotlight Liberation?

You will be supported to....

  • Liberate your true self to be expressed, so you can finally be who you were born to be.
  • Speak clearly about the purposeful work that you are uniquely designed to do, so you can make your greatest contribution in the world.
  • Trust yourself in the unknown, so you can improvise from your heart in any moment. 
  • Embody your authentic presence, so you can effectively  lead your mission.

Is Spotlight Liberation for me?

Spotlight Liberation is for you if ...

  • You are ready to be a supportive witness and engaged participant with fellow brave souls. 
  • You feel ready to move beyond your current limitations around being in the Spotlight.  
  • You are a rising entrepreneurial leader on the journey of letting your true self be expressed through your purposeful work. 
  • You are open to transformative experiences, invitations to stretch, creative improvisation, supportive coaching, and a sense of being higher powered.

How will this live experience in a theatre environment unfold?

During this event, you will…

  • Be guided by Jessica Chilton, Expressive Arts Therapist, Transformational Business Coach, and Improvisational Actor.  
  • Be invited onto the stage (by choice) to participate in group and individual experiences that support you in your liberation.
  • Have moments of reflective journaling, story-sharing with fellow audience members, inner visualization, improvisational games, and invitations to stretch into the spotlight.
  • Practice letting your true self be seen and heard in a safe and loving community.

Could photographs of you feeling liberated in the Spotlight in front of an audience support your business growth?

Erica of Erica Mueller Photography (, who has participated in and photographed my previous events, will be capturing peak moments at Spotlight Liberation. If you choose to be on-stage, we will have photographs that capture your experience! You will have the option of purchasing your personal portfolio of professional photos that emerge from the event.

Erica shares, “It’s so easy to play small and comfortably hide, but our individual missions require us to be visible. Jessica’s events offer a powerful opportunity to move beyond fear and into embodied liberation with the guided support of a skilled leader.”

How could a talented conscious musician support your liberation in the Spotlight?

Daniel Barber of I Am Sound (, will be the musician for this event and has collaborated on-stage with me for a decade. I'm so excited for you to experience the loving support his music & presence offers you during your time in the spotlight.

Daniel shares, “I am continually amazed and inspired by Jessica's presence, compassion, depth of support, expansive vision, relentless creativity, delightfulness and integrity. She gives her heart, mind and soul to create inspiring and supportive experiences for people."

I personally invite you to join Spotlight Liberation.

At Spotlight Liberation, I will show up fully for you.

I have been receiving visions, inspiration, and guidance about Spotlight Liberation for 3 years. And now I am ready to experience it as reality with you. Because this vision is truly higher powered, my role has been to listen, say Yes, and take the next inspired action forward in the direction I'm called. So I will be as eager as you to discover what is meant to happen in the Spotlight, knowing it all has been divinely staged!

What I can tell you for sure is that I will fully show up in service to you. I will bring my depth of experience--10 years as an Expressive Arts Therapist & Coach, 8 years as an Improvisational Playback Theatre Actor, and 7 years as an Entrepreneurial Leader. I will let my spirit lead the way from stage, welcoming what wants to emerge in the spotlight. I will also embrace vulnerability as power--expressing whatever aspects of my humanness to arise in service to yours. As you might imagine, I have experienced my own journey of letting my true self come out of hiding as I expand into my purposeful work. I have experienced my fair share of shame, fear, and powerlessness along the way to where I am now. 

Throughout it all, I remained committed to stretching and growing. Most recently, I moved through my own fears to present at Princeton University, perform at TEDx, collaborate on stage with singer-songwriter David Wilcox, appear on the cover of Mogul Muse Magazine, and improvise on TV in my favorite tutu. I am always following my heart beyond fear, to express my true self and do my purposeful work. And I love supporting others to do the same.

One last note as I know LIBERATION is quite a bold word. In case you are wondering about my focus on Liberation, I want to share its roots. When my oldest sister killed herself when I was 17, I spiraled into my own darkness, wondering if suicide would be my way out too. Gratefully I chose Life, instead of death, as my path of Liberation. And from that choice, my commitment to Liberation grew and my purposeful work emerged. Now my entire business is centered on liberating others to be who they are and do what they were born to do. Spotlight Liberation is my newest creation emerging from that deep mission. 

It is my passion to support mission-driven entrepreneurs into expanded Visibility & Liberation.

"It has been a big breakthrough to move beyond my fear of being seen and be able to make my true self more visible through my business."

~ Gretchen Howard, Public Relations Consultant 

With Jessica’s support I have grown my business by listening to what my heart is calling me to do, connecting with who I truly am, valuing my natural gifts and attracting my ideal clients. I am now a less stressed, happier version of me.

It has been a big breakthrough to move beyond my fear of being seen and be able to make my true self more visible through my business. I am now making authentic videos about my business, showing up "in person" rather than hiding in my home office, sharing my most satisfying successes rather than keeping them quiet, and saying yes to public speaking opportunities.

Now I am naturally attracting clients I love. My favorite CSA Farming Client is so fun to work with because I get to mix my passion for gardening with my expertise in Public Relations. I have tapped into how I can best bring my true self forward to meet my client’s needs. This lets me offer them unique value that no one else can duplicate. It is so satisfying to see their successes and know that my contributions are making a difference.

Jessica's leadership, creativity, compassion, commitment and spiritual wisdom are like no other.

"Now my business is taking off in huge ways, I have fulfilled my dream of giving a TED Talk, and my rooted confidence and inner guidance has revolutionized my way of life."

~ Robin Funsten, Conflict Resolution Consultant, Community Conflict Solutions

As soon as I truly believed that my gifts were valuable to the world they started giving back to me! Now my business is taking off in huge ways, I have fulfilled my goal of giving a TEDx Talk, and I am attracting new clients who are in line with my values.

As my business grows, I am so grateful for the self-compassion and trust I have developed with Jessica’s support. In the past I felt ashamed when appearing imperfect, harbored feelings of being inadequate in my field, and had fears of not being good enough to support others. Now, patience with myself has grown exponentially and my genuine confidence is strong and healthy. Being in connection with my own inner guidance has been an incredible transformation for my personal life and my business.

Choose to show up fully at Spotlight Liberation.

"Spotlight Liberation" Encore Date Coming Soon!

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