An Intimate Conversation About Shifting from Fear to Love

Feb 05, 2019

Today's SPARK invites you into an intimate conversation about shifting from fear to love, personally and collectively. 

I loved my intimate conversation about The Shift from Fear to Love with Dr. Bob Hanna on his Living Well radio show aired yesterday on Asheville FM 103.3. You can listen in here (just click 'play Feb 4th show' -- interview begins at minute 12:30) as we discuss all angles of shifting from fear to love in your personal life, as a leader, in business, and at our live event, "The Shift from Fear To Love" (taking place at Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville, NC on March 31st this year). 

Click to listen, then press 'play Feb 4th show' -- interview begins at minute 12:30) And don't forget to save your seat at our live event at!

For those who like to know what they're getting into, these are the questions we explore during the interview...

~ What personal experience fuels my desire to shift our world from fear to love, one liberated leader at a time? (around 14:30)

~ How do I define "Love"? And how can we shift from identifying with fear to being Love? (around 19:00)

~ What happened when I created a whole business from a place of fear rather than love? And how did I transform it into the love-fueled business I lead today? (around 20:00)

~ How can you work through fear on a daily basis? And how can you let Love guide you throughout each work day?  (around 27:00)

~ How can you dissolve the shame that holds you back from stepping into your next level of leadership? (around 35:00)

~ Why am I leading The Shift from Fear to Love? (around 38:50)

~ What is your part to play in the global shift from fear to love? What is the unique contribution that you're meant to make in our world? (around 44:15)

~ How do I start each morning in a way that clears the fear and consciously prepares me to lead with Love? (around 49:30)

Now, take a breath, and imagine yourself in the room with hundreds of rising leaders all shifting from fear to love together. If that vision feels powerful and important to you, it is time to claim your seat at The Shift from Fear to Love.

Find all the details about this transformational leadership and community-building event at If you buy your ticket now, not only will you get to choose the best seats in the house, you'll also land in our SHIFT Home Base where welcome gifts await you in support of your personal shift from fear to love.

Also, if you can't participate at the live event, you can still join our Shift from Fear to Love Initiative online for free. We have created a SHIFT gathering place online where you can engage, connect, lead, and receive support in shifting from fear to love together with us. When you land there, you'll see many valuable free resources I am offering as your welcome gift. You can become a member of The Shift Initiative for free here.

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