Beneath All Your 'Doing'... Are You Trying to Earn Love?

Jan 31, 2019

Today's SPARK asks you to pause your 'DOING' long enough to feel this Truth...

Take this moment to ask yourself...
Beneath all my ‘doing,' am I trying to earn love?

So many entrepreneurs and rising leaders are driven to DO so much. And this endless Doing leads only to more Doing. It can be easy to blow it off and say, "Well that's just how it is. I simply have SO MUCH TO DO!" And so the workaholism and productivity focus and path to burnout continues without any attention given to what is feeding the drive. 

This could be your moment to pause and shine the light on the underbelly of ALL that you accomplish. Are you Doing so much because you think that is what you need to Do to...earn love, be good enough, be judged positively, be valued, prove yourself?

How would it feel to do everything you do from a place of Love and Worthiness rather than a place of needing to earn and prove? What might you no longer be driven to do? What might you relax into? Who might you BE then?

Take this moment to let yourself really experience this truth: 
You are good enough and fully loved exactly as you are -- without ‘doing’ anything else ever again.

Amy Ager, a mom and owner of Hickory Nut Gap Farm, has lived into this truth and shares her experience to encourage you on your path...

“Before working with Jessica I feared that taking my eye off what everyone else in my business and family life needed would cause the whole system to fall apart. I never felt like I deserved to nourish my own self and soul because there were so many other things that felt like a priority. This private coaching experience with Jessica allowed me to fully show up for myself rather than only giving myself to everything else.

Through the program I realized that underneath that pattern, I was driven by a need to earn my love and worthiness by doing. It was a huge transformation to shed the notion that ‘I earn love as a result of doing’, realizing that I am good enough and fully loved exactly as I am—without any further doing at all.

Jessica is so compassionate, energetic, and ever present. She was an amazing guide that held me accountable for taking care of myself and showing up to do this transformative work, even within my over-committed schedule. Because I made this time for self-care and personal growth, I experienced unconditional love, learned to trust myself, discovered how to listen to my inner guidance and bravely made the necessary shifts to claim my needs and live them.”

~ Amy Frey Ager
Hickory Nut Gap Farm

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