LOVE IT ALL...what 2019 offered you.

Dec 22, 2019

Today's message harvests from my 'Year of Love' to inspire your own reflections on 2019. 

I began 2019 knowing one thing: LOVE was my North Star.

On January 1st 2019, when I listened deeply to my inner guidance, LOVE was calling to me. It wanted to be my Guiding Word for 2019 and indeed it was! 

In 2019, LOVE led me to...

#1 The Shift from Fear to Love Live Event
Yes, when I asked Love what it wanted to do through me, it showed me a vision of a transformative leadership event that I landed on stage in March 2019. In collaboration with so many amazing artists, musicians, and leaders in our community, I led hundreds of participants through a transformative experience where they each received their own vision for how they are called to lead. If you want to re-experience it and receive your own leadership vision for 2020, watch this clip from the live event.

#2 My Personal Shift from Fear to Love Healing Journey
An unexpected side effect of leading such an expansive experience was the healing journey Love catalyzed for me after the event ended. Leading The Shift landed me in my next level of consciousness, visibility, power, and awakening...and my body & mind needed support to catch up to where Love had called me to go. 2019 involved lots of physical healing, mindset shifting, and old pattern releasing. Although it was a "detour" from many of my grand plans for 2019, it was deeply valuable for all that's ahead in 2020 and beyond.

#3 Heart-led Freedom of the Soul
Love called my Soul toward my next level of freedom this year--freedom of expression, financial freedom, freedom from caring what others think, freedom to emerge fully as the spiritual leader that I am. This calling inspired me to draw this Inner Guided Launch Map that I followed throughout the last half of 2019 to embody heart-led freedom of the Soul.

#4 Joy of Launching
In mid-2019, on a jog with my dear friend, I declared that I would LOVE to focus my business on teaching my very favorite thing about soulful entrepreneurship: creating and following Inner Guided Launch Maps to grow my business and embody my next level. Following this declaration of Love, I launched Joy of Launching in October. It was so satisfying and fun to lead this program that I will be welcoming my next cohort of talented entrepreneurs into this one-month course in January. For me, this is the epitome of making money & a positive impact by doing what I love!

#5 Loving My Way through Death, Disappointment, Deflation, Dis-Ease, Dysfunction, and Distress.
2019 was not all roses and unicorns in my world. The death of my dear mother-in-law. The on-going cancer journey of a loved one. A painful rift in a close relationship. Periods of intense physical pain. Deflation over unmet goals. Disappointment in myself when I veered off course from my empowered, inspired, aligned path. And navigating overall Dysfunction and Distress in today's world. 

Each time I remembered to Love my way through the pain, I was on my aligned path once again. Each time I remembered to Love the part of myself that was in Pain, I felt unconditionally embraced in my wholeness. Each time I remembered that Pain is simply a messenger showing me where to send my Love, I could be present with the Pain while staying anchored in the Love I am.

So, with my own harvest as inspiration, what are you harvesting from your own journey through 2019? What were the highest highs and the lowest lows, the growth spurts and growing pains, the visions realized and the surprising detours?

And while you're reflecting, how can you LOVE it all?

Sending Big Love... into these final days of honoring all that was 2019. We're on the brink of a new frontier. I feel 2020 calling us into our next level!

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