Money Wants Your Care, Respect, Desire, and Partnership

Oct 18, 2017

Today's SPARK invokes a positive transformation in your relationship with Money.
In my work with soulful entrepreneurs, I love supporting them in developing a healthy, empowered relationship with Money. You can read one inspiring client's Money Transformation story here.
Money is such an important partner when we want to create a purpose-based business that frees us to offer our gifts fully into the world. Yet, our relationship with Money is often a dysfunctional unhealthy one. And because of this, we struggle to create a financially sustainable business that will support us to do the work we're meant to do. And that's a bummer for the soul. 

In this moment, ask yourself: If I imagine Money as a Person that I am in relationship with, how would I describe our relationship?  Am I hiding, suppressing, constricting, shaming, denying, resisting, neglecting, mistreating, or disrespecting Money in any way currently? If your answer is any version of Yes, I strongly encourage you to complete today's 'Conversation with Money' experience--it is one my clients love.

What would it take to transform your relationship with Money?  

Let's begin by initiating a transformative Conversation with Money.
Ready to create a positive shift in your relationship with Money in the next 20 minutes? Take out a blank piece of paper and journal back and forth with Money in response to these 9 potent questions. Remember, you're using your imagination here to experience Money personified. This will help you talk with it, listen to it, hear its perspective on you, and discover how you can partner together in your soul-satisfying work.
1.    Where and how is Money flowing in to support you, your soul-satisfying work, and your life? 

2.     How are you currently treating and caring for Money as it flows into your business and life? 

3.     How does Money want you to treat and care for it as it flows into your business and life?   

4.     Where and how is Money not flowing into your business and life in the way you wish it would?

5.   What does Money say about not flowing into your business and life in the way you wish it would? 

6.   How can you clearly communicate your financial desires to Money? 

7.   What does Money say in response to your financial desires? 

8.   What does Money want you to do to partner with it in fulfilling these desires? 

9.  What actions are you willing to take now based on your conversation with Money?  

If you're willing to share, send me a quick reply. I'd love to hear one way this experience shifted your relationship with Money in a positive direction and one action you're going to take inspired by this conversation.
And if you are ready to transform your relationship with Money into an empowered partnership as you create the business you were born to lead, I'd love to support you. Right now I'm enrolling Private Clients who want my highest level of support each step of the way. Imagine the next year of your life as a peak experience of inner & outer transformation as you move beyond all that holds you back to become the fully-expressed, liberated leader of your unique business. With my full support throughout the year, you will be completely guided as you discover and create the business that sets you free. If this matches your true desire, I offer you a complimentary one-one-one Visioning Session.

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