My Most Generous Gift to You ... and the world.

Dec 05, 2019

Today I am moved to give generously — both to you and the world. 

I was inspired this week by #GivingTuesday, a global generosity movement that uses the Tuesday after cyberMonday to inspire people to do good and give generously...
but I was too slow motion this week with an intense cold to create my gift on Tuesday. So Giving Thursday it is. I've chosen a cause to which I'm donating and I've created my most generous gift for 3 people in the Spark Community who are ready to receive it right now.

First, here's the cause I chose: cultivating connection around the world in this time of divisiveness.

Art by Ginger Huebner

I'm giving to this cause by sponsoring a Create + Connect experience, curated by Ginger Huebner, for a community in dire need of honoring, expression, healing, and connection. So far I donated $500 to sponsor one Create + Connect Kit to travel across the globe and land in the community that wants & needs it most. I'm excited to sponsor up to 3 more Create + Connect Kits by Dec 18th--one for each new private client who enrolls in my year-long coaching program, custom-designed to launch your next level in 2020. It feels so good to support this cause while also supporting Ginger Huebner upon her recent graduation from my year-long private coaching program where she birthed this Create + Connect initiative and her personal brand:

Watch this video Ginger made when she sent her first Create + Connect Kit to Cameroon to support a community deeply impacted by human-trafficking. Wouldn't it feel good to inspire human connection in this time of such divisiveness? I'd love to serve you in this next year through my private coaching program and sponsor another Create + Connect Kit in your name.

Now, let's talk about my most generous gift and whether you are the one meant to receive it.

In the spirit of generosity, abundance, and healthy circulation of giving and receiving, I asked myself: What is the most generous gift I could create from all that I have to offer? I thought: What if I gave 3 new ideal clients who want to invest in my private coaching support for 2020 the BEST OF EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER CREATED to support soulful entrepreneurs? So I came up with a gift worth $7,500 that I will be giving to 3 talented entrepreneurs in the Spark Community who sign up for my year-long support to launch their next level in 2020. 

Why is this gift for only 3 people? And how do I know if I'm one of them?

Because I have 3 wonderful clients graduating from their year of private coaching, I have 3 spots open for new talented soulful entrepreneurs that want my highest quality support to launch their next level in 2020. If you know that the coming year is pivotal and you're ready to embody your next level of conscious leadership, purposeful impact, desired income, and soul satisfaction, I invite you into a complimentary Visioning Session to envision your next level and discuss how my fully-customized private year-long coaching program could support you to embody this next level as you launch your vision into reality in the New Year.

If you decide to Launch Your Next Level in 2020, by investing in a year of private coaching together by December 18th, you will receive my most generous collection of gifts to give you the very best of what I offer. ($7500 Value!)

Gift #1: $1000 Off my private customized year-long coaching program, Love Liberate Lead, that launches you into your next level in 2020--when you pay-in-full for our year together. (If you choose monthly payments, you'll receive $250 off your first monthly payment.)

Gift #2: Free ticket to Joy of Launching 1-month course ($2000 value) to support you in your big launch of 2020. You'll shed any dread, fear, or struggle around marketing your offerings and discover how to approach each business launch in a way that works for your soul--and as a pathway to awakening and abundance.

Gift #3: Free Access to the comprehensive soulful business-building curriculum of Love Liberate Launch ($3000 value) that will serve you best as you launch your next level in 2020. 

Gift #4: Free Access to my 30-Day online Shine Expansive program
 ($1000 value) to support you in liberating your truest self and clarifying your next level contribution to our world.

Gift #5: $500 Donation in your name to cultivate connection within our divided world. Yes, on top of all that you will personally receive, I am going to let the goodness that will ensue in 2020 between the two of us ripple far beyond us by donating $500 in your name to Sponsor a Create + Connect Kit to creatively cultivate connection within our divided world. 

So, the big question is, are you ready to launch your next level in 2020? And would you like to invest in my highest quality private coaching to support you each step of the way? If so, these generous gifts (total value $7500) are meant for you.

Simply schedule your complimentary Visioning Session for before Dec 18th and we'll discover our collaborative potential to make the most of 2020.

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