The Cleanse Before the New Beginning

Dec 27, 2017

Today's SPARK offers a final message of Completion in these last days of 2017, cleansing the way for a clear fresh start of a New Year.

Before I dive in, I want to say that I am so excited for the new private clients I'll be supporting in 2018-- beginning on January 1st, my favorite potent day of the year. I have one last opening for someone who wants my highest level of coaching support throughout the next 12 months. In this fully-customized program, your desires & intentions become the focus of everything we create together. We design monthly themes, daily practices, and creative transformational projects, to propel you forward in the direction your heart is calling you. I create personalized audio meditations and send you constructive feedback & inspiring personal messages. We come together on private video coaching calls to support you, step-by-step, in creating the next chapter of your soul-satisfying work & life. If this highly customized, deeply transformative, private program is exactly the way you'd like to be fully-supported in 2018, sign up for a free Visioning Session right now. Choose one of my remaining times tomorrow or Friday. We begin January 1st!!

Now, let's get on with the question at hand...


In the past couple weeks I've been encouraging you to complete whatever needs completing and shed whatever is ready to be released so your new next chapter can begin. (If you are still working with last week's "What wants to die within you or your life?" I encourage you to finish giving that question the deep attention it deserves.)

In these final days it's time to Clean House. Notice which Cleansing Act would serve you best:

~ Clear away your 2017 Vision Board or Altar Space, wiping the slate clean for your 2018 Intention to emerge.

~Clear off your desk and clean out your office, making way for your most powerful work to come into the world this next year.

~De-clutter and clean out any areas in your home that feel stagnant and represent an associated stagnancy. (ie. stagnant bedroom = stagnant sexual energy, stagnant cluttered wardrobe closet = stagnant self-expression, stagnant cluttered Kitchen = stagnant self-care & nourishment, etc.)

~Cleanse your body, inside and out, in the way that feels best to you. Do it as a ritual act of thanking your body for all it has moved you through in 2017 and preparing it for a fresh embodied start in 2018.

*If you live in the Asheville, NC area I highly recommend reaching out to Adrian Deal of Transformational Organizing for help accomplishing all the cleansing and clearing you desire. I have watched her turn her amazing gifts into a much-needed business through her last year in my Love Liberate Launch program. And I have hired her to completely clear out and transform my office space. She's an amazing Powerhouse and completed my project 10x as fast as I could ever have done it alone. Plus she has an amazing way of supporting your inner transformation alongside the outer transformation that takes place in your home and office!*

Here are glimpses of my recent Cleansing Acts, with the help of Adrian Jonas. My mission was to transform the behind-the-scenes dysfunction of my business into a supportive high-functioning peaceful place for my best work.


2018 is almost here. If you know it's going to be a Positively Pivotal Year in your life and you're ready to welcome the transformation, liberation, and creation that is coming your way, I am here to walk alongside you. Bring on the New Year. It's time for a New Beginning!

P.S. If you want my highest level of private coaching support in the New Year, make sure you sign up for one of my remaining free Visioning Session this week. One spot remains for my Private 12-month Coaching Program--let's talk through how I could give my Best to you. We'll begin your customized program on January 1st!!

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