The Essential Thing You're Forgetting Right Now

Jan 24, 2019

Today's SPARK calls on you to lead with Love and guides you into intimate connection with the Love that you are. To be a powerful heart-centered leader or an impactful love-fueled entrepreneur, this foundational work is essential.

Let's begin with an experiment. Decide, for this moment, (however natural or forced or known or foreign this is) that indeed you are Love.

When you are Love, you're embodying your divinity. Your identity is anchored in your Spirit. You feel the wonderment of being fully aligned with Love. You feel so honoring and grateful towards your human mind, human body, and human life. But you know none of this represents who you really are. Rather, Love does.

When you remember you are Love, you become...
~ Love seeing through two eyes.
~ Love driving a car. 
~ Love using a mouth to speak. 
~ Love dressing a human body, adorning it with care. 
~ Love marveling at a brilliant idea from a human mind. 
~ Love offering compassion to a negative thought. 
~ Love grateful for the strong legs that move it through the day. 
~ Love meeting human suffering exactly as it is, bathing it in unconditional love while seeing right through it. 

What is it like for you to "Be Love" right now?

Let yourself experiment with being the Love that you are right now. Look in the mirror and let Love talk to this human it sees. To help you find your own flow, try saying your own version of these statements aloud. Imagine these words being spoken by your true identity, Love, talking compassionately to the human it sees reflected in the mirror.

"Oh beauty, thank you for bringing me into the world. Thank you for letting me see through these eyes." 

"Oh sweetheart, of course you feel these feelings and think these thoughts. You're a human in this world. And this world has so much fear. It has forgotten that it is Love."

"Oh precious human, I see the pain you're experiencing right now, and I feel unconditional Love for all the parts and players in this painful human situation. But I totally understand how you, sweet human, are feeling lost in the pain. I love you in this pain. And if you'll follow me, listen to me, embody me, I'll lead you through to the other side."

Now, take a breath, feel the Love that you are, and see what personalized message Love wants to express to the precious human you see in the mirror. This voice is the one that can guide you to Lead with Love.

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