The Rite of Passage of this Pandemic

Apr 24, 2020

Today's writing sees this pandemic as a rite of passage into who you and we are meant to become next. 

As mentioned last week, this is part of a new free meditation series to support each of us in experiencing this pandemic as a time of compassion, awakening, and deep trust. Today's writing is an excerpt from the Openness Meditation, the O of the C.O.V.I.D. Meditation Series. 

Dive into the C.O.V.I.D.19 Meditation Series here.

This Pandemic is a Rite of Passage.

Although this pandemic is absolutely tragic in terms of human death, pain, and suffering, do everything possible to open to the higher perspective of this catalytic time as a rite of passage. We are experiencing collective evolution right now.

An old paradigm is dissolving. The ways we treated the earth, treated each other, and treated ourselves, were not sustainable. We needed to slow down and let go of the old ways in order to make space for something new, sustainable, and beneficial for all to emerge.

We are becoming something as an individual, society, collective humanity and whole world that we weren’t before. We are becoming what we are meant to become next.

So who are we becoming through this? Who are you becoming through this?

Right now, perhaps we don’t know yet. But what we do know is that we are living through the letting go. Many have businesses and jobs that are gone or aren’t functioning in the old ways. Many have daily schedules, school days, and regular activities that have dissolved. Many have ways of interacting socially that are prohibited. Some even have loved ones who are passing on. We have been attached to certain people, places, and things that are now no longer in our lives in the same way. 

As we grieve and then sit in the unknown of what’s to come, there will be an opportunity to evolve into something different—something new that we’re becoming. Right now, though, it’s important to be in the moment we’re in. 

Notice what parts of us, our lives, our societal systems and structures, our treatment of our planet need to dissolve, let go, be released, or die. This is what creates the space for new parts to emerge.

Amidst the grief of loss and letting go, remind yourself that this is leading to new opportunities. Notice already the opportunities that are emerging from this time -- slowing down, simplifying, planetary restoration. If we can keep this awareness and be inspired by this, the coming months will be hopeful. If not, they will be bleak. It’s in your hands as to how you will perceive and experience this time.

Humans tend to relate to disruption as negative, but disruption opens the door to radical transformation and creation. Let us see how we can grow in a positive direction, and become what we’re meant to be next, through this global challenge.

I am grateful to be in this rite of passage with you. May this meditation series support you as we become what we're meant to become next.

Sending you Big Love with this SPARK.


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