The Creation Stuck Inside of You Wants to Emerge

Today's Spark opens the doors through which the creations and gifts stuck inside of you can emerge. 

First, let me tell you that the doors of my heart have swung wide open with the help of my new (free) facebook group "Improvisational Songs, Poems, and Messages for YOU." Within days of opening it, we have so many playmates gathered together in this space and my gifts and creations are fully being let out to play! I go Live and hear the participants' personal responses to...

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Awakening Beyond Hustling, Proving, Pushing

Today, I offer you my support in awakening beyond the old paradigm of doing business.

It's so interesting to wake up and discover that all the old motivations no longer do it for you. You've grown beyond all the old ego ways of controlling and manipulating, to try to get something or somewhere or someone. And you no longer thrive off of external validation or fit into the nice-girl people pleasing box that guaranteed approval. Ambitions fall away. You're no longer in overdrive. There's zero...

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This Map Leads to Your Next Level

Today, I invite you to map a path to your next level as we open the doors to Joy of Launching!

If you have been following along lately with us, you've tapped into:
1. Who you're becoming in your next level.
2. What you're called to launch this year in full alignment with your heart and soul.

Joy of Launching 
offers you the nourishing next step with a 1-month support immersion to become your next level as you launch in the way that works for your Soul. Instead...

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This is Who You Are Becoming

Let's take this moment to pause, connect in with your heart and soul, and ask: Who are you becoming in your next level?

This is the key question I ask my clients before they launch any new business, program, product, service, event, or next level endeavor. It is easy for our mind to outline our desired outcome and income--which are also important aspects of our next level. However, what really brings meaning to your life, inspires your next launch, and catalyzes the growth of...

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Complete, Cleanse, Clear, Close the Old Chapter...'cause that's what December invites you to do!

Tap into the energy of December as a powerful time to complete, clear, cleanse, and close the old chapter so you can begin your new one fresh on January 1, 2020. See which December-inspired actions below would serve you best, and make time to do them before the New Year.

*And speaking of what December offers you, did you see the Holiday Special I am offering on my year-long private coaching program? Click for details before it ends Dec 18th.* 

December's 1st Invitation: Make Time...

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Will You Choose Extraordinary Over Ordinary?

Today I hope to inspire those that prefer extraordinary over ordinary, creative over formulaic, spirited over strategic, wonder over routine, awakening over burning out, and love-fueled over fear-driven.

A wonderful group of talented entrepreneurs has gathered for the inaugural Joy of Launching 1-month launch lab — spanning from artist, to holistic physical therapist, to spiritual psychologist, to social worker, to postpartum doula, to organizational...

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