Unleash the true you.
Launch the business you were born to lead.

Imagine that one year from now, YOU...

โˆ Have created a soul-satisfying sustainable business that gives you the freedom to be who you really are and make your unique contribution.

โˆ Crafted your workday to nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you can give your best to those you're meant to serve.

โˆ Gained crystal clarity on what your gifts are and how to offer them in money-generating impactful ways that your ideal clients value most. 

โˆ Created authentic branding, heart-centered marketing, and value-packed offerings that magnetically attract your ideal clients. 

โˆ Transformed your relationship with Money so that your empowered partnership generates the income you desire.  

โˆ Did all of this from a place of deep connection with your Inner Guidance and Higher Power ensuring each step of business creation is aligned with the direction you're called to go.

Is it time for your big leap?

Are you ready for a new chapter...that frees you to make your unique contribution to our world?

Whether you've been sitting on a business dream...or you are a business owner struggling to get your vision off the ground...or you are a rising entrepreneur who is ready to reinvent & evolve...this is the time to do the work you are uniquely designed to do. 

Amidst all that is happening in the world, we need extra support to rise up and make our greatest contribution. This is not the time to play small, withhold your gifts and talents, or sit on your dreams. That chapter is done.

It is time for your new chapter where you get to create the business you were born to lead, come out of hiding, and be who you really are. Now is the time to...

 Do the work that actually feels good down to your soul. Work that makes you come Alive all over again.

 Be your unique, creative, real-deal self—attracting the people your gifts are designed to serve.

♦ Feel satisfied at the end of the day, knowing that you’re making the difference you’re born to make.

I know this reality can feel eons away, when your mind is spinning in confusion with so many different ideas, your inner critic is churning up all the reasons you’re not good enough, and new fears are cropping up every time you try to step into this dream.

I have definitely been through that. In 2003, after close encounters with illness and death, I was ready to write a new chapter. What came next? I’d call it “Love Liberate Launch.”

  • I healed my way into loving All of who I am, and finally felt comfortable in my own skin.
  • I liberated myself from fear & shame, letting my true self be seen and heard.
  • And I launched my soul-satisfying business that lets me make the most of this precious life.

Now I have the deep joy of supporting rising entrepreneurs, like You, to Love Liberate Launch.

Click each recent graduate's photo to read the whole story about how...

Ginger came out of hiding as the artist she truly is, working with organizations and people from all walks of life.

Christine followed her calling, leaving behind a comfortable salaried job to make a positive difference for a special group of girls in Odisha, India.

Asher shifted from dependence on external validation to inner-guidance and self-love, producing a Debut Album and serving other emerging musicians in the business she was born to lead.

Gretchen released limiting beliefs that were holding her back, reinventing and realigning to center her own inner guidance at the heart of her business.

May their stories inspire you to step courageously into your next chapter as you Love Liberate and Launch the business you were born to lead.

If your next chapter were titled "Love Liberate Launch" what might unfold for you?

Let's imagine that your next chapter begins with a 12-month journey that supports your inner transformation and guides you to create the business that you were born to lead. This journey, also known as the Love Liberate Launch Program, is led by Jessica Chilton who brings her experience as an Expressive Arts Therapist & Conscious Business Coach to support you in birthing your unique business from the inside out.

Through the Love Liberate Launch Private Coaching Program we will do the inner transformation work and the outer business-building work related to these monthly themes:

Month 1: Discover the Essence of Your Unique Business.

Month 2: Love the Whole Business of Being You.

Month 3: Value the Gifts of Your Business.

Month 4: Integration & Action

Month 5: Trust Your Inner Guided Business Decisions. 

Month 6: Connect with the People You're Designed to Serve. 

Month 7: Grow Your Business with Resilience.

Month 8: Integration & Action

Month 9: Build Your Business Community by Giving Unique Value.

Month 10: Magnetize Your Business Presence to Attract Clients & Money.

Month 11: Launch in the Direction You’re Called to Lead.

Month 12: Integration & Celebration

Look what you could experience as you LOVE LIBERATE LAUNCH.


Create a business that nourishes you--loving and caring for yourself first, so that you can give your best to others.

Learn how to value every part of you—even your inner critic—so you can truly love your whole self and bring your full power to your business.

♥ Build your business on a foundation of feeling more than good enough exactly as you are, rather than perfecting and people-pleasing to try to prove your worth.

Grow your gratitude for your natural gifts, shaping them into the most valuable offerings for your community. 

Heal your relationship with Money so that you can create a loving, effective partnership between offering your gifts and receiving money in exchange. 


โˆ Let go of clutter, time-wasters, unhealthy habits, and toxic aspects of relationship, to make space for your dream business to take root.

โˆ Give yourself full permission to experiment and play with true self expression, without censoring, hiding, or suppressing who you really are. Let your authenticity magnetically attract who you are uniquely designed to serve.

โˆ Learn how to move beyond each fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of shining, or any other fear, as you take liberating actions each day.

โˆ Discover how to tap into your Inner Guidance to make your wisest business decisions and navigate any challenge on your path to freedom, purpose, and joy.


โžน Let your heart lead and your mind follow with strategy and action, so that the launch process feels good and your business stays aligned with your deeper calling.

โžน Enjoy shaping your Brand to express your True Self into the world, infusing your marketing materials with your favorite colors, images, and words that allow others to feel your natural presence online and in print.

โžน Connect with those whom you are uniquely meant to serve, building community in the sweet spot between your gifts and their desires.

โžน Feel an absolute commitment to your purpose as you take care of the nitty gritty practical details of building your soul-satisfying business.

โžน Confidently step into the spotlight with your business to share the work you were born to do--whether online, on stage, or in person. 


It's much easier to make these possibilities your reality when you are fully supported. That's why our Love Liberate Launch 12-Month Coaching Program gives you:

โšฌ Monthly transformational audios and guidebooks to help you progress in the inner and outer work of creating your business.

โšฌ Personalized coaching support from Jessica Chilton, Expressive Arts Therapist and Conscious Business Coach, to accelerate your inner transformation and business creation.

โšฌ Encouragement, accountability, feedback and support through your Love, Liberate Launch private home base shared with Jessica. 

Join Love Liberate Launch and leap into your next chapter.

Will you be the next soulful entrepreneur to achieve her biggest dreams?

Click the photos below for more inspiring client stories about how...

 Adrian craved purposeful work beyond mothering but did not have a clear business idea. One year later, she has created her own viable unique business, and feels giddy to get to work each day!

 Robin moved beyond her challenges around confidence and self-doubt that kept her prices low. Now her ideal clients pay thousands and thousands for her offerings and she deeply knows her value. 

♦ Ruth liberated herself to create an offering that fully expressed her uniqueness, attracted 65 participants, and paid off her entire year's investment in Love Liberate Launch through that one class. 

♦ Molly dared to dream bigger and step out onto her own, creating the business that allows her to do what she loves and fulfill her deeper mission. 

What could you accomplish with a full year of support dedicated to helping you step into your greater calling?

Jessica Chilton shares why Love Liberate Launch is different than other coaching programs:

Many business coaching programs rush participants into building your business before you even know who you are, what your purpose is, and how you want to offer your gifts – which leaves you with a business that does not satisfy your soul. Love Liberate Launch honors the deep inner journey that is essential to create the unique business that allows you to enjoy giving your best to others. As a seasoned therapist, I will give you the transformational support to connect deeply with your truest self each step of the way.

You will not be pushed to hustle into any kind of exhausting state of overdrive. My own experience with burnout and chronic illness has taught me that the only business worth creating is one that will nourish you to thrive and enjoy the ride. I find 12 months to be the perfect incubation period for all the creation, transformation, and nourishment needed to birth a business that lets you be who you really are.

Most business coaching programs leave you alone in the dark to face all your fears, 'not-good enough' feelings, and unhealthy counterproductive habits, while expecting you to successfully muscle through challenging business-building feats. As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I’ve supported hundreds of amazing people to heal into self-love, move beyond fear, and transform limiting ways.

The focus of this program is not making 6 figures in 6 months or any other fast track to financial success. Love Liberate Launch offers a streamlined proven path to joy, freedom, and purpose as you create a business that expresses the truest essence of who you are. You will absolutely make money—how much you make is up to you. One thing is for sure, I will help you overcome any limiting money blocks and you will make the most satisfying money you’ve ever made.

Many online business coaching programs limit participants to prerecorded content with little or no personalized support, which leaves you stuck when you hit inevitable obstacles in real life. My favorite part of leading this program is the intimacy we share and the personal ways I get to help you shape your business and move through your inner blocks in our live coaching calls and interactive online home base. This program offers you the highest level of customized support.

Meet other bright rising entrepreneurs whom Jessica has supported along the way...

Because of Love Liberate Launch, I integrated my true self into the DNA of my company.

~ Annie Price, Entrepreneurial Trainer, Bird's Eye Business Planning & Adventures

"Coming to honor and love myself more was the essential work necessary to really begin the processes of liberating and launching. Through Jessica's guidance, I can honestly say I have come to know and genuinely honor my truest self. I can't imagine saying that a year ago or having any idea what a statement like that means. But it is something transformative, and for me it has been life-altering.

Because of Love Liberate Launch, I integrated more of my true self into the DNA of my company—including the services we offer, the amount of time I spend on my work, the clients I accept, the images and language I use in marketing, and the unique approach I took toward strategic planning to determine the future vision of my business. And with the support of this program, I launched and led my first full weekend retreat that was deeply meaningful for both myself and the participants.

My leadership has evolved to a new level of ease, authenticity, and confidence. And I enjoy a deeper sense of connection with myself, my family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the natural world. "Be you and be free.” As a result of Love Liberate Launch, I know what that modus operandi means and can tap into my truest self with ease."

Now my business is taking off in huge ways, I have fulfilled my dream of giving a TED Talk, and my rooted confidence and inner guidance has revolutionized my way of life.

~ Robin Funsten, Conflict Resolution Consultant, Community Conflict Solutions

"As soon as I truly believed that my gifts were valuable to the world they started giving back to me! Now my business is taking off in huge ways, I have fulfilled my goal of giving a TEDx Talk, and I am attracting new clients who are in line with my values.

As my business grows, I am so grateful for the self-compassion and trust I have developed with Jessica’s support. In the past I felt ashamed when appearing imperfect, harbored feelings of being inadequate in my field, and had fears of not being good enough to support others. Now, patience with myself has grown exponentially and my genuine confidence is strong and healthy. Being in connection with my own inner guidance has been an incredible transformation for my personal life and my business."

Jessica is a richly gifted, deeply dedicated natural leader. She leads Love Liberate Launch with an inspiring blend of skill, heart, wisdom, confidence, courage, vulnerability and compassion.

 ~ Daniel Barber Musician & Coach, I Am Sound

"Throughout Love Liberate Launch, I was continually amazed and inspired by Jessica's presence, attentiveness, compassion, depth of support, expansive vision, relentless creativity, delightfulness and integrity. The container she created through her program materials and group coaching sessions was solid and supportive. She facilitated my own growth through her loving reflections and full permission for me to live more into who I am. Jessica gives her heart, mind and soul to create inspiring and supportive experiences for people."

It has been a big breakthrough to move beyond my fear of being seen and be able to make my true self more visible through my business.

 ~ Gretchen Howard, Public Relations Consultant

"With Jessica’s support I have grown my business by listening to what my heart is calling me to do, connecting with who I truly am, valuing my natural gifts and attracting my ideal clients. I am now a less stressed, happier version of me.

It has been a big breakthrough to move beyond my fear of being seen and be able to make my true self more visible through my business. I am now making authentic videos about my business, showing up "in person" rather than hiding in my home office, sharing my most satisfying successes rather than keeping them quiet, and saying yes to public speaking opportunities.

Now I am naturally attracting clients I love. My favorite CSA Farming Client is so fun to work with because I get to mix my passion for gardening with my expertise in Public Relations. I have tapped into how I can best bring my true self forward to meet my client’s needs. This lets me offer them unique value that no one else can duplicate. It is so satisfying to see their successes and know that my contributions are making a difference.

Jessica's leadership, creativity, compassion, commitment and spiritual wisdom are like no other."

After retiring from my teaching career, Love Liberate Launch helped me create my next chapter of purpose, contribution, and Joy!

~ Sally DiMuzio, Healthy Steps Instructor, Joyful Moves for Life

"Through the Love Liberate Launch journey I went from looking for a sense of purpose and a way to contribute after retirement, to launching my own Joyful Moves for Health business & offering my gifts to the cancer survivor community.

This program helped me know, accept, love and trust myself. Along the way, Jessica shared many useful tools for working through challenges in my life and work. Her intuitive guidance and leadership enabled me to recognize, appreciate, develop, value, and share my gifts. This program gave me the loving "kick in the butt" I needed to step bravely into new and challenging situations as I expanded my offerings.

Jessica has a unique way of being both a knowledgeable leader and a peer learning alongside you. She guides with compassion, understanding, and love; and she coaches with a wealth of expertise. I love Jessica’s wisdom and passion for life. I am now living what she has taught me. Her guidance has led me to love and live a joy filled, grateful life. I am thankful from the depths of my soul!"

After years focused on mothering, Love Liberate Launch helped me zero in on what my gifts are and how I want to share them with my community.

~ Mary Kinsey, Art Therapist & Yoga Instructor

"The Love Liberate Launch journey helps people move past the universal fear and inner critic that can paralyze us when we’re trying to offer our gifts in the world. The program helped me accept ALL parts of myself, feel like I’m good enough as I am, and allow my true self to be seen. I am now leading my own life from the inside out, rooted in my inner-worth rather than striving for external validation.

After years focused on mothering, I had lost touch with who I am and what my purpose is beyond caring for my children. Love Liberate Launch helped me zero in on what my gifts are and how I want to share them with my community. I connected with what makes me and my offerings unique and how to authentically express myself and what I can do for others. I gained confidence to put myself out there, offering art therapy and yoga classes.

Jessica is so gifted in her ability to shine light where it is needed. She doesn't give you the answer but gently guides you to hear your own heart's calling and truth."

After my divorce, I was so ready to re-create my life. I have now launched my true self and my next soul-satisfying chapter.

 ~ Lorrie Meyercord, Artist

"The journey through Love Liberate Launch has helped me realize what real self-love is. Loving myself more and more enabled me to see new parts of myself that wanted to shine. Each inner transformation rippled into the creation of my next paintings and projects.

I took responsibility for my own happiness and began to hear what my soul had been trying to tell me all along. I practiced bravely following my heart, even when it led me to move to Hawaii!

I have now launched my true self and my next soul-satisfying chapter. I feel an excitement for what is ahead and a deep gratefulness for what is here now.

I am eternally grateful for Jessica-- standing by my side cheering me on, holding safe space, pushing me when I needed it, letting me rest when I needed it, hearing my soul when I couldn't."

Want to know more about Jessica Chilton?

As I guide the Love Liberate Launch journey, I draw from my 15 years as an Expressive Arts Therapist as well as my 10 years of business training and entrepreneurial experience. I also connect with participants through my humanness--particularly my own challenging journey of letting my true self come out of hiding. Yes, I too have experienced my share of shame, fear, and powerlessness along the way to where I am now. This unique constellation of training and experience, allows me to guide you through the essential inner work needed and practical actions required to launch your soul-satisfying business. 

I have inspired thousands of people to become crystal clear in their answers to the big questions we face after significant life transitions: “Who Am I now? What is my purpose? And how do I want to offer my gifts in a meaningful way?” These were the same questions that I explored after the death of my sister, after my chronic illness healing journey, and again after becoming a mother.

I am passionate about helping others turn life’s big transitions into transformational launch pads for their purposeful work. Yes, the Love Liberate Launch journey does involve coming out of hiding. It does require facing your fears and moving beyond them. It does mean learning to love every part of yourself and your life that burns with shame. It does involve taking imperfect action and learning from mistakes. It does mean that some people won't like what you say or do. And it will involve shining the light into all the dark places. . . But I will be there with you. I walk my talk. I do this work alongside of you, growing into my next level of purpose and potential as you grow into yours. Expanding into my own business dreams as you expand into yours.

I recently moved through my own fears to present at Princeton University, perform at TEDx, collaborate on stage with singer-songwriter David Wilcox, appear on the cover of Mogul Muse Magazine, and improvise on TV in my favorite tutu. I am always following my heart beyond fear, to make a meaningful difference. This is what lets me feel unleashed. This is the freedom that your own business can give you. Now let's see you Love Liberate and Launch!

Invest in the support you need to create the business that satisfies your soul.

Robin shares her financial success that came from overcoming her fear to invest.

How do you know you are ready to invest in this program?

The bottom line is that you are ready to come out of hiding and be who you were born to be. You know that creating your own business will free you to make your unique contribution. You know that shame and fear has stopped you before and you're ready to move beyond all of your self-limiting ways. You are ready to do the inner work that will grow you into the empowered leader of your soul-satisfying business. You are ready to focus in on the Business of Being You.

How do you know that you are NOT ready to invest in this program?

Love Liberate Launch support requires a meaningful investment of time, energy, and money. This program is designed for those who are ready for significant transformation, liberation, and business creation.

If you are in 'survival mode' financially, and investing in high quality coaching support is going to induce a significant and on-going stress reaction, this is not the time to invest in this program. If you are stuck in lack & scarcity mentality and not ready to make a dramatic shift in consciousness, this is not the time to invest in this program. If you are not ready to take full responsibility for creating the results you desire from this supportive program, this is not the time to invest in this program. 

What will we do in our Visioning Session?

During your Visioning Session, we will illuminate your path to creating the business you were born to lead, including the challenges you're ready to move beyond along the way. We will clarify whether you and this program are an ideal match. If so, we'll discuss all details including pricing. We'll talk through all facets of the support you'll receive this next year such as:

  • Grow from 12 months of guidance to love, liberate, and launch your dream business into the world.
  • Experience Monthly Transformational Audio with Guidebook to inspire each phase of creating your business.
  • Engage in potent Love & Liberation Practices generating the inner fuel to power your business.
  • Complete focused Launch Assignments to ensure practical business creation progress each month.
  • Receive personal support from Jessica every step of the way through live video-conference private coaching sessions as well as weekly feedback in the home base.

Are you feeling called to join this transformational entrepreneurial journey?