From Self-Loathing to Self-Loving. Right Now.

Today's SPARK offers an instantaneous and miraculous shift from fear to love.

In this interview on The Daring Woman Podcast, I openly share the part of my life that was steeped in fear and self-loathing and then guide you in your own transformative shift from Fear to Love.
  Moving from fear to love--and self-loathing to self-loving--is an essential part of the path of making your unique contribution in this world.
As you listen, open yourself to an instantaneous, miraculous,...
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20 Second Love Infusion. Plus Invitation to Collaborate!

Today's SPARK offers a 20 second love infusion plus an invitation to collaborate.
I walked in our kitchen and quietly witnessed my 5-year-old boy, Oskar, taking this (unprompted by Mama) selfie-video. He excitedly gave me permission to share his message with you! May it inspire an infusion of love--within yourself and all of your relationships.

Oskar's Message about Love
Oskar's Message about Love
Besides being the grateful Mama of this boy, I am also the grateful recipient of a Vision...
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Are You Powerless or Embodying True Power?

Today's SPARK shares my story from powerlessness to True Power and meets you where you are on your own empowerment journey.

I remember so many times where I have felt powerless in my life. Being the baby of the family, I have a stream of memories where I felt weak, incapable, helpless, and victimized. The time I was stuck upside down in an inflatable toddler inner tube with my face under the pool water and feet kicking frantically up in the air. The time my head was held barely above...
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What Makes You Come Alive?

Today's SPARK asks you to Come Alive!

Whenever I hear this Howard Thurman quote, my mission is re-activated...

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."  
I love this picture because it captures my Aliveness. Here I am, in one of my favorite places on the planet--an extremely simple wooden chapel on our retreat land. I'm fully connected with God and inviting love to flow through...
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The Truth You Are Ready to Hear

Today's SPARK is here with a Truth you are ready to hear...

I am delighted to share my recent interview on The Propel Show produced by Audrie Astebury, knowing that it is loaded with bold truth, soulful strategies, and intimate story-telling to empower you in making your unique contribution to our world.
Which of these messages are you ready to hear? Listen in as we discuss:

1. How my falling apart, rock bottom experience led to the passion that fuels my...
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Resolve Your Challenge Right Now By...

Today's SPARK is here to resolve your current challenge by inspiring a shift within you from fear to love...
I just finished coaching our group of soulful entrepreneurs in  Love Liberate Launch and I want to overflow some of the goodness to you .  

I have come to believe that any challenge in life is rooted in fear and any lasting resolution is rooted in love. So on today's coaching call we looked at our entrepreneurial challenges through this lens. I...
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10 Truths to Build Your Business on Today

Today's SPARK is here to move you forward in creating your higher-powered business with 10 truthful takeaways from last week's Love Liberate Launch retreat for rising entrepreneurs ...
Before I go there, let me just say (freshly back from a post-retreat family weekend at The Lake Eden Arts Festival)... I LOVE HUMANS. In these 3 days, I focused on seeing each person through my heart. It didn't matter who I looked at, danced with, talked to, stood beside, splashed around with...they...
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I See Your Wings. Are You Meant to Fly with Us?

Today's SPARK rings the bells of the last call as we prepare to Love Liberate Launch this week. And so I ask ...

Are You Meant to Fly with Us?

Yes, this is your Last Call to join Love Liberate Launch, our unique business coaching program made especially for those on the path of becoming successful, creative, spiritual, purpose-driven entrepreneurs. If you are ready to be heart-centered and higher-powered while making money doing what you love, we welcome you to step into this...
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Your Whole Life Has Prepared You for This

Today's SPARK invites you to connect with the business that your whole life has prepared you to lead.
For those who want to dive right in, this Truth Talk video (broadcast through Facebook Live) is here to support you in creating, launching, and growing your unique business this year--in a way that satisfies your soul. This video will support you to:

1. Discover the unique essence of the business you were born to lead.

2. Liberate yourself from playing it safe, watering your...
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Financial Success and Soulful Entrepreneurship Walk Hand-In-Hand

Today's SPARK shines the light on your relationship with Money and illuminates a path for financial success as a soulful entrepreneur.
This week I was interviewed on "Amplified" - a podcast for female entrepreneurs. The interview was about spiritual entrepreneurship, work that satisfies your soul, and moving beyond fear. At the end of the interview she asked: Have you witnessed a correlation between a spiritual approach to entrepreneurship and success? I noticed in my split second...
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