What Is My Heart Calling Me to Do

How do you free yourself to be yourself? 

One simple way is to pay attention to what your heart is calling you toward in a particular moment and practice saying YES to that calling. 

Today I invite you to notice any and all inspired inner impulses that whisper, nudge, and call to you throughout the day. I also invite you to notice any little or big ways that you wet blanket these inspired impulses with social conditioning, fears, or other self-limitations. 

There are countless...

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Remain a Tight Bud or Risk Blossoming

Inspired by the courage that emerges from risking, I boldly ask...

What are you risking by holding yourself back? By hiding or suppressing or constricting any part of who you are?

What is the risk of giving yourself full permission? Of freeing yourself to be all of who you are?

In this one beautiful life, which risk do you prefer?

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'Ohhhhh the Places You'll Go' When You Say

I offer you Two Words to guide your day...



Give yourself permission

To say Yes Let's to Life.

Know you are enough

To share your Gifts right now.

Be seen. Be heard. 

Yes Let's express.

Center in yourself 

To discover all you can give.

Step into unknown

Say Yes Let's to Trust.

Invite in Playful Spirit

Experiments and Risk.

Stretch into Yes Let's.

Without anything to fix.

Listen all around

And definitely inside.

Follow your Impulse.

There's nothing more to hide.

Say Yes...

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Feeling Good Enough Exactly as You Are

You nor I, nor any other creative human with dreams calling us, will ever fit everything into our days. Yet we can firmly root into the knowing that we are enough exactly as we are. Our days are enough exactly as they are. And our being and doing is enough exactly as it is.  

From here we can breathe easy, love ourselves, and welcome growth and expansion. And we can choose where we want to Focus our attention right now and what we most want to Complete today as we go about creating...

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Discover Your Magnif-Essence

Do you believe that you came into this Life and this Body with a unique Essence that is still who you truly are?

Kind of like an Acorn that holds the essence of the Oak Tree it will become, do you believe that your seed of potential was there at the beginning?

I do.

And I believe that your Essence, when embodied and expressed, feels like your Naturalness. When your Essence is liberated from self-limitations, you get to experience the joy and freedom of being truly yourself.

Yes. It's...

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Your Experiment in Nourishment

If you want to be bravely yourself and offer your gifts in impactful ways in the world…it’s time to fill yourself up first.

NOURISH is the theme of the first month of our Love Liberate Launch Group Coaching Program. We’re 1 week into the Journey, and we are Nourishing ourselves like never before.

This blog post is my chance to let some of our Nourishment overflow to you!

Cause here’s the thing. However you’ve been nourishing yourself before brought you to your...

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Let Your Gifts Make Their Greatest Difference

You are so talented. You have come into this life with gifts to offer the world. You can feel the potential of the positive impact you are here to make. You feel the call to step up and be all that you are.

Your time has definitely come.

You are uniquely you. Your creativity lets you express who you truly are when you let it flow. Your spirit wants to experience all it can in this lifetime. Your soul calls you to dive deep into life and make the most of your time here.

You are at home in the...

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9 Liberating Discoveries to Be Bravely Yourself

‘My Week of Bravery’ came to a climactic end with my 5 liberating minutes on stage last Friday night. 

 The question of the night was:

“Do you have something that you know that if you do it, it will move your life forward, but you’re scared to do it?”

My Answer was YES!

What would your answer be?!

Indeed, my answer was YES. I know I’m meant to be on stage speaking, performing and inspiring large audiences, and I was so ready to liberate...

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Free Yourself from Needing Others to Like You

Today, I invite you to watch this video….and JUDGE ME!

Yep, you heard right, I said, “Judge Me!”
And then…free yourself from needing others to like you.

I have declared this week, ‘My Week of Bravery.’ This is my time to liberate myself from all that holds me back from being bravely myself on stage in front of an audience. And on Friday, as the finale of this week, I will actually be on stage as part of a live event called “Night of Bravery.”...

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You Are an Artist of Your Own Life

I have a vision of a creative altar for our city that everyone takes turn tending. One at a time, or many at a time, we add our gifts, our creativity, our spark to that altar. This altar represents the heart and spirit of the city. It reminds the city of its highest vision.

I voiced this idea at a meeting of artists, performers, and musicians in Asheville, North Carolina last night. The next thing I knew, we were saying Yes to our first taste of this vision today.

I showed up for my time of...

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