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9 Potent Truths for Soulful Entrepreneurs

Today's SPARK comes to you from this week's peak experience--coaching an inspired group of soulful entrepreneurs to create the business they were born to lead. I chronicle our retreat experience here to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in you. May you move in the direction of your next peak experience. 

Yes, it is undeniably true. I love supporting trailblazers in the form of coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, artists, healers, doulas, mediators, educators, yogis, and other soulful...

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Valuing Yourself Enough to Make Your Dream Real

Today's SPARK is here to inspire you to value yourself enough to make your dream real.

Take a moment to ask yourself:

* Am I telling myself I'm not good enough to make my dream a reality?

* Am I telling myself it is too indulgent to go after my dream rather than tending to everyone else's needs? 

* Am I afraid of how others might judge me if I go after my dream? 

* Am I spending too much time on things that drain me instead of putting that energy towards the joy of creating my...

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Your Road Less Traveled

Today's SPARK is here to say that sometimes the road less traveled is the only road that will set you free.

I remember emerging from 4 years of graduate training in Counseling & Expressive Arts Therapy back in 2007, only to realize that there was not a single job posting that would let me be fully me. None of the mental health positions listed would offer me the freedom I craved to really show up and offer my natural gifts fully.

So I took the road less traveled, pioneering my own way...

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Does Your Work Turn You on...or Off?

Today's Spark is here to let sparks fly between you and your work! It's here to tap into your sexual energy and reclaim it as a vital force for good in the soul-satisfying work you are meant to do.

Sexual energy, creativity, money, and overall vitality are intimately interconnected. When one of those areas is stagnant or stuck, then all areas are diminished. And this greatly impacts our ability to do our soul-satisfying work.
Let's focus in on Sexual Energy for today as that is often not...

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Are You Repressing Your Greatest Work?

Today's SPARK asks you to honestly answer this question:
Are you repressing your greatest work?

Before you answer this question let's take a look at the word 'repress'...

So when we're talking about repressing your 'greatest work,' we're concerned that you are holding back the unique contribution you're meant to make in the world. We're wondering if you're suppressing the work that satisfies your soul. We're questioning if you're bottling up the work you were born to do. We're checking to...

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Feel Your FIERCE

Today's SPARK inspires your soul-satisfying work to be both good for you AND good for our global community. It comes from my own dormant fierceness that is beginning to stir.

Marianne Williamson, speaking passionately to us at the "Our Love is Our Power" Summit in Asheville last weekend, delivered a sobering and compelling call to action.

She reminded us that all thriving species have fierce females who protect and ensure the survival of the pack or community. She called upon Women to tap...

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Life-Changing, Happiness-Unleashing Kind of Summer

Today's Spark invites you to 'choose your own adventure' this Summer.

What intention do you want to infuse into these summery days? What chapter of your life and work is rising on the horizon of this sunny season?

I'd love to know the intention you're setting for this season of your life and work. Fill in the blank: "This is my Summer of ______________!"

I especially want to hear from you if you want a Summer of ... (as one Love Liberate Launch participant says) "feeling giddy every day as...

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If Money Could Talk, It Would Say This to You...

Today's Spark gives loving attention to your relationship with Money. After all, if you're on the path of making money by being bravely yourself--your relationship with money is key.

One highlight in Spark-land this week was working with one of my private clients around her relationship with Money. This awesome entrepreneur happens to love music--specifically playing the violin. And she wants her relationship with Money to feel more like her relationship with music--full of natural ease and...

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Permission to Fail. Granted!

Today's Spark encourages you to take another bold step forward in liberating your gifts. After all, what's the point in holding them back from those who are meant to receive them?

Before I lead you through one of the liberating practices I use with clients, I want to make sure you know...

Today I am opening the doors for a few more courageous individuals to join our intimate group of rising entrepreneurs in our Love Liberate Launch 9-month online coaching program. We are ready to welcome you...

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Retreat into Your Soul-Satisfying Work

Today's SPARK inspires you to Retreat into your soul-satisfying work.

I just arrived back from leading a retreat with a wonderful group of rising entrepreneurs. It was a SPARK Retreat at Bear Creek Cabins, the 9-acre 2-cabin sweet spot in Hot Springs, North Carolina, that we now own and care take. 

As I savor the satisfaction of our inspired gathering in this special place, I'll give you a taste of what we experienced... 

Sitting in rocking chairs on the porch, we relaxed into...

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