Stop (Doing). Drop (Proving). and Roll (Where You're Guided to Go).

Today's SPARK invites you to make time to listen for what you're really meant to do. Yes indeed, it's time to stop (doing), drop (proving), and roll (in the direction you're guided to go).

Amidst our busy lives it is so easy NOT to create space for stillness and listening. It is so easy to generate To-Do's from our rational mind or from an unconscious drive to prove. It is so easy to go through the motions, get through what has to be done, and follow the ruts that are even deeper than...

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This Announcement Has Been Brewing for 3 Years...And I'm so Excited!

Today's SPARK comes in the form of an !Announcement! that has me feeling so excited, growing-edgy, ALIVE, and guided--yes this one's been divinely staged and now I invite you onto that stage and into the Spotlight with me. 

Want to know what I've been visioning and growing into for 3 years?

Check out
to see what this LIVE EVENT offers you.
If you know you want to be there,
register right away-- there are limited seats in this intimate theatre.


If you can't...

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When Work Is Liberating, There Is Nothing to Hide

Today's SPARK invites you to envision your work as the platform for your liberation.

In my latest interview I share why Your Freedom has become my passion. I also clearly explain the ways I can help you create the soul-satisfying work and purposeful business that sets you free to be who you really are. When your work is liberating, there is nothing to hide!

FemCity Interviews Jessica Chilton SPARK

If you resonate with what I share in this interview, I'd love to connect with you. Choose one...

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Guided. Liberated. And on a Mission.

Today's SPARK invokes your inner guidance, inspires your liberation, and invites you on a mission.

My Word of the Year is GUIDED. More than ever, I am committed to full time partnership with my Inner Guidance and my unconditionally-loving God. I begin each workday journaling with God & and my Inner Guide and then let the actions of my day and the decisions in my business flow from the guidance I receive.

What is Your Word of the Year? I'd love to know. And if you are still ambiguous...

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Change the Trajectory of This Entire New Year of Your Life

Today's SPARK ignites Desire & Intention across the horizon of your New Year.

2018 is here! May we open to a new chapter of possibility and step into it with intention in the direction of our deepest desire.

I am so grateful for the solitude I enjoyed this morning to dive into my intentional New Year's ritual. Over and over again, I have experienced the power of ...
~ listening in and feeling my Deepest Desires,
~ sensing my way to a focused Intention,
~ and landing on a Guiding Word that...

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The Cleanse Before the New Beginning

Today's SPARK offers a final message of Completion in these last days of 2017, cleansing the way for a clear fresh start of a New Year.

Before I dive in, I want to say that I am so excited for the new private clients I'll be supporting in 2018-- beginning on January 1st, my favorite potent day of the year. I have one last opening for someone who wants my highest level of coaching support throughout the next 12 months. In this fully-customized program, your desires & intentions become the...

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What Chapter Has to End for Your New One to Begin

* First before I dive in, I have a few more spots for free Visioning Sessions on Wednesday, Dec 20th, the last day to take advantage of my 'Jan 1st Special Pricing.' Sign up right now for our 1-on-1 time to talk through how I can best support you in the New Year.*

Today's SPARK builds on last week's message of Completion and asks: What chapter is ready to end in your life and work in order for your new one to begin?

December is the time for us to complete, cleanse and clear the way for a New...

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Complete It Now

Today's SPARK asks this one powerful question: 

We are less than 3 weeks away from a brand spankin' new year. As might be expected, I absolutely love January 1st -- the potent day of activation and intention that it is. That's why I am offering a "January 1st Special" on all my coaching programs for those who want to receive my support beginning this super-charged first day of the New Year. Simply sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session this week and we'll talk through all the...

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I Did the Ugly Cry in Front of 150 Inspiring Leaders

Today's SPARK asks: What part of yourself are you hiding when you show up to your work? Know that your greater calling needs ALL of you.

Each person I work with is hiding some part of who they are. Whether it's hiding their talents, hiding their fears, hiding their value, hiding something embarrassing, hiding their power, hiding their spirituality, hiding their money, hiding a past failure, or hiding their truth ... there is always something hiding that has to come out in order for these...

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We Are Here to Love

Today's SPARK offers a Blessing I wrote for you, inspired by Thanksgiving and my deepening connection with God.

I'm back from the "Called to Lead" event in LA and it was even more transformative than I imagined. I received a clear message to come home and share visibly and vulnerably with my community. I am curious how this will unfold in the coming weeks. For now, I want to simply show up to offer this Blessing ... and then go cook a pumpkin pie:)

"Here to Love"
A Thanksgiving Blessing


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