If You Block It, It Will Not Exist

Today's SPARK asks you to give the world your unique expression.

This Martha Graham quote has been one of my favorites for years. Every time I read it, it wakes me up all over again. Today I'll let it work its magic on you.

When you think back on this day...

Reflect on everything that came into the world through you today--through your actions, your words, your creativity, your state of being.

Relish in one shining moment where you really let your uniqueness be expressed.

Name one stifling...

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Overwhelmed? Practice Being ON-PURPOSE

Today's SPARK reaches through the overconsumption of news, the overflow of swirling emotions, and the overwhelm of fear-inducing change, with a simple strategy for navigating these times.

Right now, many are wrestling with the balance between...

  • staying informed through News intake, 
  • feeling the emotions of each story and each person impacted by the decisions Trump is making each day, 
  • knowing which actions will be most effective in standing up for the values and rights you hold...
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Unleash the Work You Are Designed to Do

Today's SPARK comes to light a fire in you on a day that is deeply infused with courage, liberation, and making dreams real.

I began the day watching "I Have a Dream" with my 3-year old son. We talked about MLK Jr. and freedom, respect, and love for all people. He asked questions like: Did people not feel Free? How do people not feel free? We talked about the inauguration of our next President. And we worked on our signs for the Women's March on Asheville. He said he wanted his sign to say:...

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New Website with a Gift for You

In the spirit of the New-ness of the Year, Today's Spark comes in the form of a whole new treasure trove of support for you-- a.k.a. My New Website!

It is the result of quite a journey--of course!-- and it is now here to inspire, support, and guide you to...

* move beyond what holds you back from being your truest self

* clarify the purposeful work that most satisfies your soul

* create the business that you are uniquely designed to lead

* and expand the positive contribution that only you...

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Being Present to What the Moment Brings

We each have our traditions at this time of year. Mine include hanging spray-painted Belgian Kegs on the tree in our front yard. :) What is one of your unique traditions? I'd love to hear!

Right now I'm noticing the pull between my work--including the completion of my new website launching January 1st(!)--and all the holiday preparations that are calling me.

This is the season of light, miracles, and magic. The time of bringing more peace, love, and acceptance into the world. What an...

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Come Out of Hiding and Show Us Who You Are

How are you hiding parts of who you are? Do you know that coming out of hiding is an essential step of doing your purposeful work.

In kindergarten, when I accidentally wrote with pen in my teacher's book, I felt--what I now know as--shame. "I am a bad girl who did something wrong" I thought. And my way of dealing with that was hiding the truth. I snuck into the kindergarten room and slipped the book back on the shelf without telling a soul, believing that if anyone ever found out the truth,...

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Love Your Dark Places & Let Your Shadow Play

Today, I encourage you to let your Shadow come into the light.

Right now, with all that is swirling in our collective experience of life, our Shadows are active. You can look the other way, deny they are related to you, cast them onto someone or something else. OR, you can look them lovingly in the eye, let them play in the light of your awareness, and see how they can add to our conscious beauty rather than our reactive darkness.

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"Our Nation's Heart" Says: What Would Love Do

Today's Spark comes from our Nation's Heart. Click here to listen to this Thanksgiving Blessing created for you and our post-election reality.

This Thanksgiving, I'll be sitting around a table big enough for democrats and republicans, trump supporters and protestors, to come together. I'll be holding my Dad's hand, a man I have always admired and loved. One of us voted for Hillary. One of us voted for Trump. I'll be sharing this Blessing. And I offer it to you now. It emerges from my own...

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Your Wounds Are Clues to Your Calling

Today, I honor your past Wounds & Struggles as valuable training ground for your Purposeful Work.

When I think about some of my past struggles and wounds, it is easy now to see the gifts they gave me. It is also clear to see how they helped shape me into the leader that I am, doing the work I'm meant to do.

Let's take a look at my personal wounds as examples of how our past struggles can lead us to our most purposeful work:

1. My wound from my sister's suicide and the trauma of finding...

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Your Purposeful Work Needs Your Commitment

I am here today to up your COMMITMENT game. I've seen many clients get cold feet when asked to commit to a dream. I'm telling you, a dream will stay a dream until you're ALL IN with both feet.

So let's see where you are with committing to your inspired visions around your purposeful work. Commitment is the super-fuel you need to propel your visions into reality.

The past five weeks, I've been leading a group of rising entrepreneurs through a coaching experience designed to propel...

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