B.Earthing Your Inspired Vision

For months I have been incubating, nourishing, and creating a new and stronger 'foundation' for SPARK and The SHINE Expansive. I have been doing the behind-the-scenes structural support work that my inspired creative side tends to drift away from. I am clear now that this new foundation is exactly what can ground my most expansive dreams into reality. Next week this new 'foundation' will be revealed.

I have been seeing this act of building the new foundation for SPARK as yet another birthing...

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It Is Completely Okay to Be Scared

I'm just landing back from 2 weeks in Switzerland with my family.

I've been immersed in Mama-Land, playing non-stop, soaking in the mountain of moments at the side of my 1/4 Swiss son :) 24 hours a day.

For Today, I share one particular moment with you from my time in Switzerland.

Oskar had been wanting to ride a horse for a while. When I told him that today was his day to ride his first horse, his lips suddenly quivered and his whole smile turned into a frown. I could tell that he was being...

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How Are You Cramping Your Ability to Shine

Today I ask you, how are you cramping your ability to shine? How can you give yourself more space to fully let your true self expression emerge and your gifts be offered in the world?

A few nights ago I was invited onstage by the talented singer-songwriter, Asher Leigh. We both had no idea what would happen. What came out in our improvisation was this powerful message for you and me both.

Jessica Chilton improvises in the unknown with Asher Leigh on vocals, Tim Winter on Bass, and Kiah...

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Sharing Gifts in Service: Wilcox Weekend

Today, I emerge from improvising on stage last Saturday night in the middle of (singer-songwriter) David Wilcox's concert! Even more, it arises from the fact I almost said 'No' to this opportunity because of the Fear that I don't have what it takes...

Last week you heard how my dream was coming true as I packed my bags to be a Presenter at David Wilcox's Retreat. You can read the back story here. 

After my 2-hour presentation on the first day, I was prepared to kick-back and relax when...

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Making Your Inspired Vision a Reality

Today's SPARK comes in the 'HOW' ... of how one of my dreams is coming true today. Let's spark your own HOW and move toward making your inspired vision a reality.

Check out David Wilcox at www.DavidWilcox.com.

Today I am heading out to be a Presenter (and whole-hearted participant) at a Retreat led by Singer Songwriter, David Wilcox.

Now this is definitely Dreamy, and a bit surreal, because my love for David and his music has been growing for 20 years-- back when his songs played the...

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Choose How You Experience Each Moment

Today's inspiration comes in the form of a conversation with my 3-year old boy...

"I had a boring day at school, Mama."

"Hmmmm, I'm curious about that," I say.
"I don't believe that a day can be boring. But I do believe that You can Choose to feel bored."

"What did you say, Mama?"

"I said, You are the one who chooses if you're going to enjoy a moment or if you are going to feel bored. You get to choose if you're going to feel bored or create some fun."

"Do you choose to be bored, Mama?" he...

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Free Gift: Move Beyond What Is Holding You Back

This is a gift I made for the Creative Entrepreneur within you. I know not all of you have your own business. But I do believe that all of you have creative visions, dreams, and projects living within that are in various stages of gestation, hatching, and fruition.

Yes, if you're drawn to SPARK, it's likely that you do have a creative entrepreneurial spirit. I dedicate this gift to the dormant, budding, rising, or fully expressed Creative Entrepreneur that you are.

I have high hopes...

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Invite Naturalness to Be Your Gold Standard

Today, I offer several snapshots of recent peak experiences. Each snapshot leads to a question for you--may it Spark your next peak experience...

The Ease of Leadership

I started the year leading The SHINE Expansive. Forty-five courageous individuals experienced the SPARK Process of Liberating Your True Self in this 30 Day Virtual Program. As it was my 2nd time leading the journey, I had the opportunity to experience EASE while leading.

In the midst of Ease, a Fear arose that said: What if...

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Show Up in the Spotlight with Full Authenticity

What would it be like to let your Truest Self bravely shine, even in the Spotlight?

This month I’ve walked into new uncharted territory on the Cover of Mogul Muse Magazine.

I’ve been soaking in the experience of this new terrain of visibility. What I find deeply satisfying is that I am now able to show up in this Spotlight with full authenticity. This has not always been the case.

There have been countless times in my life where I have performed, given presentations,...

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Soul Calls Us to Embody Our Unique Essence

I invite you to be still and imagine that right now your Soul, your Essence, your Truest Self, your Heart, is actually calling you toward something, in this very moment. Maybe it's calling you to say Yes or No to something or someone. Maybe it is calling you to take some kind of leap of faith. Maybe it is calling you in a new direction--unchartered territory of sorts. Imagine that you can hear, feel, see or sense your Soul calling you right now. And, if this is a huge stretch for you, play...

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