Feel Your FIERCE

Today's SPARK inspires your soul-satisfying work to be both good for you AND good for our global community. It comes from my own dormant fierceness that is beginning to stir.

Marianne Williamson, speaking passionately to us at the "Our Love is Our Power" Summit in Asheville last weekend, delivered a sobering and compelling call to action.

She reminded us that all thriving species have fierce females who protect and ensure the survival of the pack or community. She called upon Women to tap...

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Life-Changing, Happiness-Unleashing Kind of Summer

Today's Spark invites you to 'choose your own adventure' this Summer.

What intention do you want to infuse into these summery days? What chapter of your life and work is rising on the horizon of this sunny season?

I'd love to know the intention you're setting for this season of your life and work. Fill in the blank: "This is my Summer of ______________!"

I especially want to hear from you if you want a Summer of ... (as one Love Liberate Launch participant says) "feeling giddy every day as...

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If Money Could Talk, It Would Say This to You...

Today's Spark gives loving attention to your relationship with Money. After all, if you're on the path of making money by being bravely yourself--your relationship with money is key.

One highlight in Spark-land this week was working with one of my private clients around her relationship with Money. This awesome entrepreneur happens to love music--specifically playing the violin. And she wants her relationship with Money to feel more like her relationship with music--full of natural ease and...

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Permission to Fail. Granted!

Today's Spark encourages you to take another bold step forward in liberating your gifts. After all, what's the point in holding them back from those who are meant to receive them?

Before I lead you through one of the liberating practices I use with clients, I want to make sure you know...

Today I am opening the doors for a few more courageous individuals to join our intimate group of rising entrepreneurs in our Love Liberate Launch 9-month online coaching program. We are ready to welcome you...

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Retreat into Your Soul-Satisfying Work

Today's SPARK inspires you to Retreat into your soul-satisfying work.

I just arrived back from leading a retreat with a wonderful group of rising entrepreneurs. It was a SPARK Retreat at Bear Creek Cabins, the 9-acre 2-cabin sweet spot in Hot Springs, North Carolina, that we now own and care take. 

As I savor the satisfaction of our inspired gathering in this special place, I'll give you a taste of what we experienced... 

Sitting in rocking chairs on the porch, we relaxed into...

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Let Your Future Self Inspire Your Present Decision

Today's SPARK is here to invite your Future Self to inspire your present decision about your next chapter of soul-satisfying work.

One of my favorite things is helping you clarify your gifts and shape them into your most valuable offerings for those you're meant to serve. This is how you make the unique contribution that you were born to make.

Right now I am immersed in this powerful process with participants in my Love Liberate Launch Program. Whether I'm helping someone create a one-on-one...

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From Constriction to Full Expression: Lorrie's Transformation

Today's SPARK comes in the form of a transformational true story told by one of my inspiring private clients.

It is with great delight that I introduce you to Lorrie...

"I decided to invest in Jessica's private coaching program 2 years ago, because I knew I was ready to experience deep transformation and create the life that my soul truly desires.

At that time, my life was entirely different. I was feeling constricted and dissatisfied in so many ways--in myself, in my marriage, in my life. I...

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Freedom to Be Yourself at Work

Today's SPARK is blossoming with inspiration for you to be freely yourself at work!

Before I dig in, let me say I skipped a few beats here with you. We had 5 weeks of virus-athons in our family. When I wasn't focused on healing myself, my son, or my husband, I gave all of my working energy to my current clients. I'm grateful now to be back in the world of blossoming flowers--and back here with you!

So, onto today's message --packed with flower power from photos I've been taking on my daily...

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Birthing Your Soul-Satisfying Work

Today's SPARK asks you to let go ... to birth your next chapter -- the one that satisfies your soul.

I remember, 4 years ago to be exact, the intense sensation right before pushing Oskar out into the world. I literally felt there was a bowling ball of dynamite that was about to blow through my pelvis. I remember the moment when I thought...I have to be willing to be blown apart to birth this baby.

I had to be willing to let go of every bit of control, let go of every ounce of resistance, let...

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Discover Your Genius and Offer It to the World

Today's SPARK asks you to Bring It!

Bring what, you say?

Bring your greatest gifts, bring the best of what you can offer others, bring your unique Genius!

Now this sounds like a great idea, right? But I have a feeling that your work looks a lot more like doing anything and everything that you're pretty good at doing. And probably feeling a bit lackluster about it in the process.

We often water down our full power, nice over our bold truth, chameleon out our eccentric uniqueness, cover up our...

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