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I Did the Ugly Cry in Front of 150 Inspiring Leaders

Today's SPARK asks: What part of yourself are you hiding when you show up to your work? Know that your greater calling needs ALL of you.

Each person I work with is hiding some part of who they are. Whether it's hiding their talents, hiding their fears, hiding their value, hiding something embarrassing, hiding their power, hiding their spirituality, hiding their money, hiding a past failure, or hiding their truth ... there is always something hiding that has to come out in order for these...

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We Are Here to Love

Today's SPARK offers a Blessing I wrote for you, inspired by Thanksgiving and my deepening connection with God.

I'm back from the "Called to Lead" event in LA and it was even more transformative than I imagined. I received a clear message to come home and share visibly and vulnerably with my community. I am curious how this will unfold in the coming weeks. For now, I want to simply show up to offer this Blessing ... and then go cook a pumpkin pie:)

"Here to Love"
A Thanksgiving Blessing


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Will You Say Yes or No to Your Call to Lead

Today's SPARK asks: How are you called to Lead? And invites you to step beyond the nay-sayers in your head to unleash the work you're designed to do.

This question is dominating my mind lately because I'm about to get on a plane bound for Los Angeles to attend the "Called to Lead" Event. It's a 3-day immersion in spiritual entrepreneurship, where we deepen our relationship with our Calling. Because I am always guiding others to move beyond fears and limitations to say Yes to their greater...

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Why You Say No to Your Greater Calling

Today's SPARK brings you face-to-face with the negative voices in your head that are holding you back from your greatest work and most satisfying life.

I let my dramatic nature come out to play today...with the intent of expressing some of what goes on in our inner realms, sabotaging our greater potential.

This video lets you hear the voices stopping you from saying Yes to your greater calling. It invites you to look fear in the eye as it stops you from saying Yes to your bigger mission. It...

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This Alien Encounter Will Liberate You

Today's SPARK involves an Alien Encounter and its powerful message to You.

First we meet the Astronaut who bravely left all Earthly comforts on a special mission to the Planet of Rainbows and Unicorns for his first Alien Encounter.

It was a successful Mission indeed. He made it to the Planet of Rainbows and Unicorns where he expressed his concerns about Earth. The Aliens were shocked by his Earthly News. They asked...

Why on Earth do humans not take care of their planet and make the positive...

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Repel 7 Billion People. I Dare You

Today's SPARK liberates you to repel billions of people in order to attract those you're uniquely designed to serve.

One of my favorite things to say to my entrepreneurial clients is this...With the Earth's population at 7.6 Billion, you need to REPEL MORE THAN 7 BILLION people in order to attract the hundreds, thousands, or even millions you're uniquely designed to serve. 

My clients LOVE when I say this because it gives them permission to be disliked, judged, and rejected...which is...

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Money Wants Your Care, Respect, Desire, and Partnership

Today's SPARK invokes a positive transformation in your relationship with Money.
In my work with soulful entrepreneurs, I love supporting them in developing a healthy, empowered relationship with Money. You can read one inspiring client's Money Transformation story here.
Money is such an important partner when we want to create a purpose-based business that frees us to offer our gifts fully into the world. Yet, our relationship with Money is often a dysfunctional unhealthy one. And...

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Trust Yourself in These Troubling Times

Today's SPARK calls out through wildfires blazing, hurricanes devastating, humans crazy-making, atrocities head-lining...and asks you to trust yourself in these troubling times.

As I sat down to write about staying connected with your truest self during difficult times, I immediately thought of Marilyn, an amazing woman who recently graduated from my SHINE Private Coaching Program.

Marilyn's journey back into connection with her Heart and Inner Guidance is what so many of us are needing...

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Amidst Tragedy, SHOW UP

Today's SPARK sounds the call:
Amidst tragedy, SHOW UP.

I keep breathing in our world--even its most tragic expressions, like the mass shooting in Las Vegas. This is our planet. This is our human reality. I feel the pain and grief and shock and rage. I accept that it is what it is.

One of my clients said, "How can I show up and talk about what I have to offer through my business, in the midst of tragedy?" I have had this thought so many times. And each time I come to: How can I not?

I am no...

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From No Business to Launch Day

Today's Spark asks you: what becomes possible when your Courage is greater than your fear?

I'm so excited to introduce you to two soulful entrepreneurs in our Love Liberate Launch business coaching program, whose Courage is greater than fear. As this Thursday, September 28th, is the very last day of 2017 to join us in Love Liberate Launch, they wanted to share their experience to inspire your courage to join our intimate group. Through their stories, may you believe in your ability to move...

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