Beneath All Your 'Doing'... Are You Trying to Earn Love?

Today's SPARK asks you to pause your 'DOING' long enough to feel this Truth...

Take this moment to ask yourself...
Beneath all my ‘doing,' am I trying to earn love?

So many entrepreneurs and rising leaders are driven to DO so much. And this endless Doing leads only to more Doing. It can be easy to blow it off and say, "Well that's just how it is. I simply have SO MUCH TO DO!" And so the workaholism and productivity focus and path to burnout continues without any...

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The Essential Thing You're Forgetting Right Now

Today's SPARK calls on you to lead with Love and guides you into intimate connection with the Love that you are. To be a powerful heart-centered leader or an impactful love-fueled entrepreneur, this foundational work is essential.

Let's begin with an experiment. Decide, for this moment, (however natural or forced or known or foreign this is) that indeed you are Love.

When you are Love, you're embodying your divinity. Your identity is anchored in your Spirit. You feel the...

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Change the Trajectory of This Entire New Year of Your Life and Work

Today's SPARK ignites Desire & Intention across the horizon of your New Year. 
2019 is here!  May we open to a new chapter of possibility and step into it with intention in the direction of our deepest desire. 
Over and over again, inspired by the New Year, I have experienced the power of:
~ listening in and feeling my Deepest Desires, 
~ sensing my way to a focused Intention, 
~ and landing on a Guiding Word that will Grow me throughout the...
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Say These 7 Words Before the New Year

Today's SPARK delivers the most powerful words I could possibly say to you on the brink of your New Year. 

I know throughout this last year I have visited your inbox with all kinds of messages meant to inspire you to grow in the direction your soul is calling you to go. And I also know that on the brink of a New Year we tend to get very ambitious about all the transformation we desire for our next year of life and work. 

But the thing is, true sustaining Transformation is not...
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Do Not Step into 2019 Before Completing This

Today's SPARK challenges you to a game of completion so that you are ready to activate a pivotal new year on January 1st.
We are less than 3 weeks away from a brand spankin' new year. As might be expected, I absolutely love January 1st -- the potent day of activation and intention that it is. Each year I choose a new word of the year that acts as a catalyst for my next evolution. My 2018 word of the year, chosen on January 1st, was "Guided" and it completely transformed me and...
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Complete, Cleanse, and Close the Last Chapter

Today's Spark taps you into the energy of December as a powerful time to complete, clear, cleanse, and close the old chapter so you can begin your new one fresh on January 1st. See which December-inspired actions below would serve you best, and make time to do them before the New Year.

***Before diving into the December actions below, make sure you check out my NEW  
Love Liberate LEAD Private Year-long Customized Coaching Program (and the $1000 off special I'm...
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Thanksgiving Shift from Fear to Love

Today's Spark offers a blessing to shift from fear to love this Thanksgiving.

Our Nation's Heart: A Thanksgiving Blessing
By Jessica Chilton
Click to hear Jessica recite this blessing for you.
Now more than ever
We need to hold hands.
We need to feel the humanness, the warmth, the skin.
Especially the hands of another who is somehow against--
Against what we believe,
Against us,
Against them,
Against the small,
Against a wall,
Against the fall,
Against it all.
In our...
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Mothers on a Mission, Rising Mamapreneurs, and Moms Ready to Satisfy Their Soul...Open Up!

Today's Spark is specifically for women who want to fully enjoy mothering, feel liberated to express their truest self, experience the soul-satisfaction of living their purpose, and make the difference they were born to make in the world. 

Is that too much to ask? No Way! This is how I live and I wouldn't want it any other way. Are there challenges along the way? Of course there are. That's why receiving support is essential. And today I get to offer loving support to you and other...
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Powerlessness, Abuse of Power, and True Power

Today's Spark asks: will we be triggered into powerlessness, encouraged into abusing power, or awakened into our true power? 

It seems to be the perfect timing, amid the current sociopolitical landscape in America, to share my article about the Power Wound that was just published in "Today's Daring Woman"
When Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court last Saturday after Dr. Ford shared her story about Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her, I felt an intense...
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Your Fear of Going for It

Today's Spark touches your fear of going for it and asks you if there's a mountain of a dream that you are meant to climb.
Creating the business that you were born to lead can feel like setting out to climb a huge mountain. We see this vision of what our dream business could be and  we imagine it all coming true when we reach the peak. We feel our heart calling us to that higher elevation and we even see the trailhead inviting us on that upward path.
But often...
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