Becoming the Queen of Your Love-Fueled Business

Today's Spark asks you if you're ready to become the Queen of your love-fueled business. 
On October 1st our Love Liberate Launch journey begins, as we build the business you were born to lead, on a path infused with personal transformation, spiritual connection, and creative expression. We currently have space for 3 rising entrepreneurs--women ready to become Queens-- who will receive my highest quality support throughout the coming year. So I wonder, are you one of...
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When You're out of Alignment, This Happens...

Today's Spark asks you if you're aligned or mis-aligned with your biz creation efforts, in a healthy or dysfunctional relationship with money, and clinging to or letting go of the old chapter that is ready to close. Rather than running the other way, let's see clearly, and grow from there! Take this time to come back into alignment with love and liberation, so that you can most ease-fully create soul-satisfying success. 
Lately, I have been enjoying a variety of interview...
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Whoa, This Is Intimate

Today's Spark shares my most intimate interview around my journey from powerlessness to True Power.  I f you ever wonder what good can come from the trauma, pain, depression, illness, or loss in your life, I'm sending love to you as I share this story. If you're on the path of wanting to learn to trust yourself and reclaim your true power, I hope this inspires you onward. And if you're a spirited creative entrepreneur, I have a feeling this interview will help you create the...
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Your Reinvention - The Freedom of the Soulful Entrepreneur

Today's Spark inspires you to dare to re-invent in alignment with your truth. Entrepreneurship, when approached soulfully, grants you this freedom. Give yourself permission to build a new business that sets you free to be who you really are. And experience the joy of full integrity, creativity, happiness and satisfaction in your work. This is exactly what my amazing client, Gretchen Howard, has done in the last 6-months. May her story inspire your courage to step in the direction...

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How Labor Day Can Change Your Life and the World

Today's SPARK comes right from the ocean and into your Labor Day to inspire your next chapter of soul-satisfying work ...
Ahhhh, it's Labor Day weekend and I'm here on beautiful Folly Beach. On my morning beach walk I felt inspired to write this little note to you. Alongside relaxation and playtime, Labor Day brings up my passion around the topic of Work--specifically soul-satisfying, impactful work aligned with your purpose. So I'm going to prop up my feet, listen to waves crash, and...
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Gifting You a 'Higher Powered Biz Retreat' for Rising Entrepreneurs

Today's SPARK is here to inspire you to Love Liberate and Launch by gifting you a higher-powered business retreat to kick off the next chapter of your entrepreneurial adventure ...
Before I go into the details, let me just meet you where I am and say that my Mama Heart is loving every mama moment right now. Next week, my 5-year old Mister O begins kindergarten. I'm almost ready to embrace that next chapter, but these sweet last pre-BigBoy days are calling for my full attention....
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Embody Your True Power to Create the Business You Were Born to Lead

Today's SPARK supports you to embody your True Power to create the business you were born to lead. And the first step is becoming fully present.
The Soulful Entrepreneur's Meditation
 to the audio recording 
of the written message below.
Do you realize that Your Full Presence is the essential ingredient to creating the business you were born to lead? So how 'bout we take this moment to become fully present? 

{breathe, my friend, breathe} 

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Your Ego Cannot Satisfy Your Soul...or Create The Business You Were Born To Lead

Today's SPARK supports your path of creating the business you were born to lead, by making sure your ego isn't driving alone.
Marian Hobson of Soul Searching TV recently interviewed me about shifting from an ego-driven business to a higher powered business. 

Interview on SoulSearching TV
Interview on SoulSearching TV
In this interview, through personal stories and practices, I share how to...

* Recognize if you're building your business in an ego-driven way that will...
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In The Next 5 Minutes. Move Beyond The Fear That Is Stopping You.

Today's SPARK leads you through my most powerful 5 minute guided experience to move beyond the fear that is stopping you right now.
Natasha Zena, from Lionness Magazine, interviewed me about how to move beyond fear as a soulful entrepreneur. She asked me to share my most effective process for helping my clients master the ability to move beyond under 5 minutes. It's very experiential. You will come face-to-face with the fear that is stopping you right now --the one that is...
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Your Shameful Secret Story. And Mine.

Today's SPARK invites you to liberate your shameful secret stories and rise up from those hidden places within...and shares a video of me coming out of hiding to rise up together with you. 

As a human, your hidden places within can literally kill you. Your secret stories can spread shame through your interior like a wild fire, burning your self-love and sense of worthiness to ash. These shame flames, unchecked in those inner shadowlands, consume your mind with negative thoughts and...
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