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Your Whole Life Has Prepared You for This

Today's SPARK invites you to connect with the business that your whole life has prepared you to lead.
For those who want to dive right in, this Truth Talk video (broadcast through Facebook Live) is here to support you in creating, launching, and growing your unique business this year--in a way that satisfies your soul. This video will support you to:

1. Discover the unique essence of the business you were born to lead.

2. Liberate yourself from playing it safe, watering your...
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Financial Success and Soulful Entrepreneurship Walk Hand-In-Hand

Today's SPARK shines the light on your relationship with Money and illuminates a path for financial success as a soulful entrepreneur.
This week I was interviewed on "Amplified" - a podcast for female entrepreneurs. The interview was about spiritual entrepreneurship, work that satisfies your soul, and moving beyond fear. At the end of the interview she asked: Have you witnessed a correlation between a spiritual approach to entrepreneurship and success? I noticed in my split second...
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Shift from Lack to Abundance in your Business

Today's SPARK moves you from Lack to Abundance in your business & life, as you see beyond your fearful ego and connect in with the limitless Spirit you are.
As a soulful entrepreneur, it is so important to stay in an expansive abundant feeling with your business. Yet as a human  with a fearful ego living in our 'never enough--more is better' culture, it is all too easy to slip into a lack mindset. In this lack mindset you yearn for more because you fear that you do...
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Ruth's Love Liberate Launch Story

I invested in Love Liberate Launch one year ago because I knew I was ready to step into a bigger calling. I had a brand new business that was not yet aligned with my greater vision. I was not yet letting my full uniqueness emerge in the way I worked. I was afraid of being fully myself at work and offering my gifts in their most powerful form. I feared that I might repel people with my uniqueness. 

I had always played it safe with my work, wanting to please and fit in. But after years of...

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From Ego-Driven to Higher Powered

Today's SPARK arrives on Sunday as I'm here to inspire a spiritual approach to entrepreneurship. I'm including a business sermon of sorts, that gives you 3 ways to shift your life and business from ego-driven to higher-powered.

3 Essential Shifts to Create Your Higher Powered Business
3 Essential Shifts to Create Your Higher Powered Business

This video is the replay of my recent FB Live Event that led me to speak my truth about the Spiritual way I approach entrepreneurship. I shared the 3 big ways I have shifted and evolved from...
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Your Higher Powered Business

Today's SPARK invites you to imagine creating your Higher Powered Business.

What might it mean to create a Higher Powered Business? Imagine your business fueled by Love, the Divine, God, Life Force, Spirit, Heart, Source, or any other name descriptive of the highest guidance you can receive.

Tune into this guidance right now and receive a vision for your Higher Powered Business. Imagine that ...

~ your ego is no longer in charge; rather your Higher Power is leading the way.

~ there is no more...

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Adrian's Love Liberate Launch Story

When I started Love Liberate Launch I was re-emerging from full-time motherhood and ready for my next chapter of satisfying work outside the home to begin. Even though I was doubtful about starting a real business and nervous about “making the right choice,” I already trusted Jessica from my previous experiences with her coaching and I knew she could help me discover what I’m uniquely designed to do.

Right from the first day, Love Liberate Launch supported me through my...

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An Invitation from the Queen

Today's SPARK brings you an invitation from the Queen.

But before we hear from her Majesty, let's start with a majestic clue about why you haven't heard from me in a bit...

Yes, my inner Swiss Miss had her heyday for 2 weeks in the alps. I am so grateful that my Mom is Swiss and my roots lead to hers. Switzerland takes me to high places and leaves me breathless.

Here I stand on Plane Morte ~ the plain of death. It sure does make death look glorious. I loved imagining death in the liberating...

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Robin's Love Liberate Launch Story

“When I considered joining Love Liberate Launch a year ago I was concerned about the monthly payments and worried about investing money in myself and my business. I wasn’t sure about what my business was supposed to BE, let alone if it was viable in the world. I was struggling with self-doubt and confidence—unsure if what I had to offer was really possible or valuable.

One year later, as I graduate from Love Liberate Launch, I am in extreme gratitude and awe of the...

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Molly's Love Liberate Launch Story

Before I began Love Liberate Launch, I was working for somebody else and unsure if I could do all of the little things that running my own business would require. I wasn't totally clear on what my exact gifts, deeper purpose, or specific offerings could be if I did start my own business. And I had a confusing and awkward relationship with money. 

One year later, after Love Liberate Launch, I am leading my own business, Nurtured Mamas, with purpose, confidence, clarity, excitement, and...

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